Day 8

"You are in trouble! Again!" 

Ramon grins victoriously at me. "And I have to play the hero again." 

I wrap my arms across my chest and smirk, "It's not my fault you can't help but stalk me all the time." 

Ramon snickers, "Me? Stalk you?" 

I grin at him. "Yea. It explains why you are here in the middle of the night fixing my car." 

Ramon sighs. "I am just from Woods Bar," he admits. 

So he drinks... 

"I don't drink though," he's not looking at me. He is busy using the spanner. 

"And you're just from the bar." 

"A friend had requested me to take her to drink so I could drive her home..." 

"Oh..." is all I can say. Then a question rings in my mind. 

"Why don't you drink?" 

He stops for a while, sa

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