Chapter 165

“Don’t bother asking me what she was talking about back there, because I have no clue…and yes, I’m just as worried as you are.” Tristan huffed from the passenger seat, his scowl directed out the window and towards the impenetrable wall of darkness that filled the forest and the night sky.

Most of his attitude was from the fact that I wouldn’t let him drive, but I needed the distraction since the fear in Cassidy’s voice continued to increase with each update she gave.

“Purple eyes. What the hell could that—”

‘Lola, please tell me your close…’ Cassidy’s voice came through the mind-link as a whisper.

I slowed down to take the sharp curve up ahead, narrowing my eyes to peer through the darkness. Acting quickly, I showed Cassidy a quick mental image of the stretch of road we were on, and visibly jumped when her hushed whisper tore through my head faster than the shadows that dashed across the road to flee the cars bright headlights.

‘Turn onto the gravel road and take it to the (very) end.
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Janice Choate
Ohhhh bullocks!!
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Nope, this is where she tells her to get her butt out there to her.
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Danielle Richards
Hopefully the Vampire Queen can command the vampires???

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