Echo of Love
Echo of Love
Author: RT

Chapter 1: She is coming back!

“Mom, can you please speak to brother, can’t he control his temper for a few days, you know she is afraid of him and will not live here”, Aviva Lee said in a pleading tone to her mother Mrs. Zyair Lee & grandmother Mrs. Harlow Lee.

She is coming back after 2 years.

Although Mrs. Lee was also waiting for her, she is the daughter of her best friend Kalen Beck, who was resting in the heavens now. They were family friends too. But 10 years ago Mrs. Kalen & Mr. Orson Beck lost their lives in an accident and left their daughter Reese Beck with them.

Lee’s family elders always treated her as their own, she was diligent, good in studies, and disciplined child, who never created an issue too. Aviva Lee was just two years older i.e. 23 years than Reese, 21 years, but they were also a best friend as age was just a number for them.

Everybody in the Lee family loves her except Armaan, 28 years old, who was always scolding her. He is never easy on her; no matter what she does it was wrong for him.

After hearing the earnest request of her daughter, the mother Mrs. Zyair Lee & Grandmother Mrs. Harlow Lee collected some courage and thought they will talk to Armaan, a giant cold iceberg.

Everyone teamed up and was waiting for him on the breakfast table. And there appears the Armaan Lee, with deep facial features, a straight nose, deeps amorous eyes just like stars with strong sword eyebrows, sexy thin lips, a gentlemanly elegance with unique masculine scent and indescribable charm wearing a grey-blue suit.

But who would have thought the moment Armaan appears, a pin drop silence enters the restaurant. Everyone was talking to each other with their eyes but nobody holds the guts to utter a single word. They were urging between themselves to talk to him. Cold pressure has already surrounded them, and no one dares to start. It’s not like they were afraid of him but they really can’t predict his mood, at one moment he can be gentle, but in the next second he can easily knock off anybody with his eloquent words.

How come such inaptitude environment can get away from his eyes.

“You can speak, what you all want to say”, this statement from Armaan breaks the silence.

“What, what, no, no, there is nothing to talk, we were just discussing Aviva’s career, she will be starting a job this year,” says Mrs. Zyair Lee, Armaan’s mother.

“So what is there to be discussed, she can anytime join the company if she wants but still I would prefer her to hunt the job by herself so that she can have some practical experience.”, Armaan said.

With some complex feelings, mother Zyair says, “Yes, yes, she can. I know you’ll think good for her future.”

There comes the turn of Mr. Jack Lee, Armaan’s grandfather, who looked up and says, “Aviva, Reese is also in her last semester and as per the time, she would be coming back for her internship in her majors”.

Aviva got the chance to spill her heartstrings, “Yes grandfather she is coming back next week and already applied in few companies for an internship, with her skills and grade I am sure she will be through.”

Although everyone was talking to each other but their attention was on Armaan. But they all are surprised to see him calm and composed enjoying his breakfast as if it has nothing to do with him.

When everyone is trying to sail the boat, how come Grandmother Mrs. Harlow Lee can leave behind, she added, “No doubt our Reese is very good. Aviva, ask her she has to live with us this time.”

“No, no, I’ll talk to her. You know how many bad people out there; we can’t allow her to live alone. What do you say Armaan.” The moment grandmother Mrs. Harlow Lee finished her speaking, Armaan stopped eating.

He took a deep breath and looked up to all with his deep eyes as if he is scanning all. Everyone dropped their head as if they have said nothing.

Once he finished eating, he elegantly kept his chopsticks back and glanced at everybody. After a moment of silence, Armaan called the butler John and said, “Prepare a room for Reese”, with that he left.

Everyone sighed in relief but nobody noticed the indescribable happiness and eagerness of wait in Armaan’s eye. Once he stepped in his custom made Rolls Roy, his lips curled up with a devil smile and notorious intent.

He already knew that she was coming back but he can’t let somebody see his intentions. Within his heart he paid gratitude to all as he was more ecstatic then them to have her at home.

Reese, I am waiting for you.

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