Chapter 2: Boss Is Happy.

Who is Armaan Lee? Armaan Lee CEO of Lee Group who directly and indirectly controls the economic life of Philadelphia, known to be a ruthless businessman who runs by his own rules and easily cause people to feel a chill run down their back with his one look. His means of handling things are rumored to be ferocious. No one in entire Philadelphia holds the guts to step up against him. Power and wealth are the words that symbolize him.

At the age of 22 he took over the business from his father Mr. Rigg Lee, since then it turned the Lee group into manifolds. His employees are used to his cold look and never saw him smiling. He is a diamond bachelor of the city and his allure was breathtaking for every woman.

But today it seems to be a different day; Armaan entered the office with a hint of a smile on his face and glitter in his eyes which made his assistant Nolan Hudson to freak.

He blinked his eyes and stared straight to Armaan’s face with some puzzlement as if he is seeing a different person altogether. Nolan felt today sun must have risen from the west otherwise how could poker face Armaan can have such expression but before he could have come back to his senses, he heard Armaan’s voice.

“Do I have something on my face or are you suffering from amnesia?” Armaan said after a few seconds.

“No boss, it is just I feel you are a little different today”, Nolan said with some difficulty after summing up little bravery.

“You talk too much. Why do I feel you have too much time to think about all these non-sense? Oh, I forget we want somebody who can manage the operation of our new business in Africa, so I’ll transfer you there.”  Armaan said.

Once these words come out from Armaan’s mouth, Nolan felt he must dig a hole and bury himself. He was crying without tears. He promised himself he will never praise Armaan even if he asks for.

Nolan said, “No boss it was just I might not have slept well yesterday so my eyes were like that, they were seeing everything wrong, I am sorry boss but please don’t send me to Africa. “

“Then stop being too wordy and get down to work”, with that Armaan sat on his chair and picked up the file to dwell himself in reading it.

Nolan doesn’t even wait for a second and fled from his office with lightning speed.

In a bright and spacious office, in the middle of the room, there was a large desk made from Ebony. The office ambiance is designed perfectly well matching with the hard and cold aura of the owner with white, black, and grey colors.

After Nolan’s departure, Armaan looked up and thought was it too obvious that people can see how happy I am. It’s been two years that I have not met her, but I am missing her like decades. He thought she is the only one who can make him happy in a way no one else can, even with her idea. I really can’t describe how I feel when you are around me, his voice echoed in his heart.

He always bullies her because he wants to be close to her, he loves to see when she complains about with her little pouted lips. Whether she is sad or happy or no matter in which state she was, he wants to be the only reason for that. He doesn’t want anybody to be in her mind for any reason.

With his crafty methods, he was able to keep her away from all men who tried to get close to her, yes of course which nobody knows as he never leaves the traces.

No one approached her in college too because he always kept his eyes on her. Once one boy tried to approach her to become his dancing partner for a college event, from the very next day he never came back. It was said that his family fled overnight from Philadelphia due to some family issues.

Although she was abroad for 2 years but he has his people secretly following her.

With all these thoughts, he said to himself, “this time you will fall for me Reese and will let you open your heart for me for the reason that you only belong to me.”

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