Chapter 3: Call to Reese!

After Armaan departed from home, Grandmother Mrs. Harlow Lee immediately asked Aviva to make a call to Reese. Everyone is so happy with Armaan’s approval. They all like Reese not because she is the daughter of their family friend. But she holds a unique enchantment that can please anyone.

After the death of her parents, Reese custody was given to his uncle Kavin Beck, but Lee’s fought in court and took her custody. With Kevin’s shrewd personality Lee’s never trusted him. Reese’s parents have left enough money & property for her, although it was just a small piece of cake in front of Lee’s wealth, still, it was enough for her.

She always kept herself felicitous in front of everybody, but eternally felt void because of the sudden departure of her parents. But still, she never complained to life. She can always find reasons to smile.

Du..Du.Du…Reese looked into her mobile and smiled.

“Hello Grandma, I miss you so much…mmmuuaawwaaahhh” Reese said with an amiable smile, which even grandma felt on the other side of the phone.

“Hmm, you got the time to miss me, you are so busy that you didn’t get the time to call me”, Mrs. Harlow Lee said with a hint of little dissatisfaction.

“Grandma, how can you say that, didn’t you get the hiccups in the last few days. How can I forget my sweetheart? I am having sleepless nights over here as I am too happy with a thought as of coming back to my world of love”, Reese said while chuckling.

“I know you have a sweet tongue and know how to please me”, Mrs. Harlow Lee while smiling.

“But it is only and only for you grandma”, Reese said.

“Hahahaha, no doubt. Listen I have called you to tell you that, once you come back, you’ll be living with us. Don’t try to run away as always. And there is no room for discussion on this.” Mrs. Harlow Lee said with form tone.

“Grandma, please spare me. How can I step into the devil’s den? You don’t want me to live more. Having him around, it was like all surrounding trees stop giving me oxygen.” Reese said in an entreating tone.

“Armaan has already said yes to it, so there would not be much problem. He is so busy with his work so he doesn’t greatly spend his time at home. And you will also join your internship in a few days, so your maximum time will be spent in the company.” Grandmother mentioned all possibilities.

In between Mrs. Zyair Lee, Armaan’s mother took the phone from her mother-in-law and said, “Reese godmother misses you a lot, please be with us this time. See Aviva never helps me in anything; it’s you only who knows how to take care of me. Please cutie, come back to mom.”

Aviva immediately snapped the phone from her mother and said, “It’s you that’s why I can bare my mom’s slander on me, else with my character you know what I would have done. But jokes apart, darling please come back I miss you so much. You know how I spent these two years without you. I have so many things to tell you. You have to and have to be with us.”

Hearing their words, Reese felt that she was blessed to have them in her life. They all always kept her feelings at the forefront. Grandmother and mother Lee always loved her like their own daughter. And Aviva was like an elder sister, who always stood beside her. She felt contented with bliss that makes her eyes misty with tears.

“Ok, as you say, will send you the flight details over the message,” Reese said

“Now that’s like my sugar baby”, Aviva said with a joyous smile.

After putting down the phone, Reese opened her laptop and checked her inbox to see if she got any reply from the companies in which she applied. She could have easily asked from Lee’s but she wants to make a career with her talent and ability. Her majors were architecture designing. Her father was a great architectural designer and she has also inherited the same traits. She has topped her college and also won several contests.

With her capability, it was easy for her to grab opportunities from any big construction organization but she applied to some mid-tier organizations only as she felt that they hold a more challenging environment.

She got one too from MU Designers Pvt. Ltd. They had just started their operation three years back and created a strong presence in the market. They are typically into the architectural design only.

This offer seems to be in line with Reese’s expectations, so she accepted it. After acknowledging their offer, she closed the laptop, stretched her arms to relax, and said to herself it’s time to pack up.

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