Chapter 5: First Encounter with Her, After Return!

On the international class flying to Philadelphia, in the business class, Reese was soundly sleeping.  Almost all were looking at this peerless and pure beauty. A snow-white skin, charming & almond-shaped pair of eyes, an exquisite small nose, and pink moist lips were breathtakingly beautiful as an exquisite doll. Her waist-long black hair was tied in a ponytail, which was angelic. It was difficult for anyone to move their eyes away from her.

Today she was wearing a yellow color one shoulder crop tee and denim jeans, which was flawlessly matching her beauteous personality.

At Airport…

Walking out from the Arrival gate…Reese saw Aviva standing there with a brilliant smile on her face as if she has just seen some sort of treasure. Without waiting she pounced on Reese and hugged her like a Kuala bear as if she was afraid that she would run away again, all ignoring the awkwardness gazes of the surrounding crowd.

It is said that true friendship is one of the greatest blessings that not everyone can have. In the journey of life, there are a lot many people who come across us but not all leave the mark and impact on one's life. Reese & Aviva have been a part of each other's life for the longest period. Post her parent's departure, Aviva was her companion when she was in distress. Her shoulders were Reese's armory to deal with the grief and pain of her parents' loss. She was with her for almost 7 days, day and night, and not left her even for a second with a fear that she will cry again.

Both were strong support for each other. Although, Aviva was two years older than Reese but she seems to be more babyish than her at times. Her outspoken and comical nature is what makes her unique.

Seeing Reese, Aviva scanned her from head to toe up and down many times. When Reese left she was just 18 years old, a teenage girl, now she is 21 with the sparkling maturity of a young girl.

“You look gorgeous, my love. Ahh…more highly an irresistible temptation” She giggled and curled up her lips with a cunning smile.

Hearing that, Reese's face turned hot, and she poked at her forehead and said, “Can you be serious. Did you come alone or anybody else?”

“Who do you want to see my dear? Who else you informed? Or are you missing my brother?” She teased her, although she knows how much she doesn’t want to be near him but still she always loves to tease her.

Shut up, who wants to see that mean, vicious, rude, and wicked person? He would be the last one, who I want to meet. He has so many felonious means up to his sleeves for me. Really, I hope this time that rotten egg doesn’t piss me off, else I would not be considerate to him.” Reese said to Aviva while staring with a rough look.

“Oh is that so, I really want to see how you would not be considerate to me”, a chilling but the melodious voice sounded from the top of her head. And cold shadow surrounded her. She was dumbfounded; she can feel the burning gaze on her back. Her heart sunk with nerves. She turned around and saw Armaan with a gloomy face. She wants to shed tears. How can she be so unlucky?

She took the 360-turn and smiled graciously at him. Hehehehe….Aviva, why didn’t you tell me he also came? You know how to use me for annoying him. How can you ask me to say such bad words for such a kind, saint, gentle, and sensible man?

“How are you?” she asked.

Aviva was speechless, thinking when did I ask her all this. Scratching her head she opened her mouth to speak but immediately glared by Reese.

While she was still murmuring many things, Armaan didn’t hear them at all. His complete focus was on her, her snow-white skin and sharp clavicle were visible that was too enticing. Her moist pink lips were just like sweet delicious jelly which aroused his desire to hold her tightly and bite them. His Adam's apple rose twice, he wanted to possess her. He can feel the rising temperature in his lower abdomen…damn feeling so uncomfortable.

He controlled his emotions and took two steps towards her and said, why do you feel too highly of yourself, have you seen yourself in the mirror….you are just an ugly duck. Do you think I have time to hear your shit or I care what you think about me? Get in the car before I change my mind.

Reese bore the pain of his provocation, but what can she do other than enduring his non-sense. She cursed him in her heart a thousand times.

Grabbing Aviva’s hand, she straight away rushed to the car like a terrifying rabbit.

To Lee’s residence….

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