Way to your heart
Way to your heart
Author: Happy

Chapter 1

A 13-year-old girl. A pretty innocent girl. And to everyone's surprise, she had presented as an omega at a very young age of 13. 

 Her parents were hell strict. Always telling her to 'do this'  and 'don't do that'. And the little girl wanted to make them happy and did everything that was told by her parents. 

She did everything. Got good grades, scored acceptable marks for maths too, you know? To make them happy. 

She didn't let any alpha near her, not even close to her. Many Alpha's were showing their interest in her, but she ignored them."

"She acted as if she was some holy fucking angel who is afraid to pollute herself. People started thinking that she has an attitude problem, but she didn't. She just wanted her parents to be proud of me. She was stupid. 

 Then came the most famous Alpha of our school, on whom everyone had a crush on, including herself. 

He got friendly with her, and before she knew, she was head over heels for him. Ready to give everything to him. He was so sweet with her. He didn't even kiss her for almost 6 months, and that was enough for her to believe that he truly cared about her. 

 She eventually gave her virginity to him as he told her that he would mate her. Her sixteen-year-old self was stupid, so fucking stupid!

 She got pregnant, Mr. goody shoes were pregnant. 

 Next day she was about to tell him that she was pregnant, but she saw him with his friends at a cafe he was already sitting in. He was talking about her and how her body felt against his hands. 

" He demanded money from his friends and then the girl knew it that it was just a fucking bet about fucking her and guess what? He won. He fucked her, and that's it.

 She saw him the other day at the school, and she decided to at least talk to him.

He told her that it was just a bit and she doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby. " Irish was still not crying, maybe because it was the old news or maybe cause she had no tears left to cry.5

 Her parents kicked her out. Telling her that she is just a shame for the family.

 Everything she had done was of no use. She was all alone with a pup in her belly. 

She nowhere to live. She didn't go to the school as well cause of shame that she would be the hot topic of the school. 

Finally, I got a job at a cafe which was providing rooms for their employees. She was a small room, but it felt like heaven to her. 

 The owner of the cafe was strict but was good at heart. He helped her for 9 months until she finally gave birth to a pup, a beautiful baby girl.

 Things were going fine for five months at least. But the cafe was in loss, and so the owner had decided to close it, and things got even worse for her. 

 With the help of the owner, she found a small room. It was too small, but she didn't mind. she was happy to provide a roof on her head at least. "

She didn't have any jobs, and as a result, there was nothing for her to eat, and if she will not eat, there was no milk in her body for her own pup. "

 Her health was decreasing day by day, and she started selling my body. But the money was not enough; she had to pay rent for several months to my new owner. 

 Betty body got weaker and weaker day by day, but she didn't even have money to buy her medicine. "

It was torturing for her to leave her sick pup every night to pleasure different Alpha's. 

 One day as she went inside the room, she found her pup sleeping on the mattress, which was the only furniture in that one-room house. 

She I picked her up, but she was not breathing. She was dead. 

" I wasn’t enough for her baby. She had killed her. If only she hadn't been so modest about her body, that her crush wouldn't have made that stupid bet, she wouldn't have fallen for him, and she wouldn't have killed her own pup


Irish sighed as she woke up from the sleep beside a naked man. And top of that, the man was her maths professor.

Don't judge her; Maths is hard.

Irish got dressed and exited before calling her best friend. Irish looked down at herself and saw all the hickeys the older man has given her. She hates hickeys.

You would say that her professor forced Irish, but no it was Irish who forced her professor. Why, Well maths is hard.

She was beautiful, irresistibly beautiful. 

She knew it. She always uses this as a plus factor. No. She doesn't always sleep with professors, but yeah, she needs dick now and then. And she doesn't care if the dick hangs on a man who is twice as old as her.

People call her slut, whore and much more accusing name. Does Irish care?  No. Why? Because the names are true.

"What took you so long? " she asked her best friend who still had bed hair and was sitting in a car, frowning at her.

" No one is awake at 6 am, bitch " The girl said, and Irish realised that it was too early.

" Sorry babe. I will make it up to you. " She said with a pout, giving another omega puppy eyes.

" Buy me a coffee. " Betty said with a shake of her head.

" I will buy coffee for both of you. I am sure  Edward would like to have some too. " Irish said as she sat beside the driver seat.

The ride was peaceful until Betty asked something that she wanted to ask since the beginning.

" What's the name of the Alpha you fucked last night? " Betty asked her voice neutral.

" Mr Mark. " Irish almost whispered and was thrown by a sudden force as Betty suddenly stopped the car.

"Mr Mark?  The maths professor? " Betty asked, and Irish rolled her eyes.

" Yes. and what about it?" Irish raised an eyebrow

"How long are you gonna spend nights at different Alpha's dick. You need to stop. " Betty said, looking worried about at her friend who rolls her eyes.

" Well, not everyone gets a perfect mate and get mated at the age of 19," she said taunting the other.

"Give someone a chance. " Betty said gently.

"You know why I don't give someone a fucking chance,"  Irish said angrily, and Betty knew that she stepped on the sensitive topic. Without saying anything, she started the engine.

The rest of the ride was full of silence, and Irish was feeling guilty. When they pulled at her apartment building; she turned to Betty.

"I am sorry. "

" You should be. "

" I can't do anything. You know me better right? " Irish said as tears began to fill her beautiful grey eyes and Betty's blue eyes softened.

" I know. but not everyone is like him. " Betty said, and Irish nodded and made her way in her apartment.

She had to go to college at 8 am, and it was already 7. She quickly got undressed and made her way to the bathroom to remove the sticky mess she was.

Even though Irish had enough many by working two jobs per day, she easily paid for the rent of this apartment. But she rarely eats anything; instead, she makes sure that her clothing is fashionable and she looked fuckable.

She is famous in college because she is beautiful and sassy. Always ready to open her legs. She likes it. The at ten she gets, she craves for more.

Dressed again in sexy clothing, she is sure that she would make all the Alpha's head turn. She always does.

It's funny that the first lecture is maths. Mr Mark is uncomfortable in Irish's challenging gaze. He stuttered a lot, and Irish is enjoying it. She loves when she has this effect on the Alpha who consider themselves the superior.

She remembers last night and how she ended up in her professor's bed.

As usual, she got low grades in maths. She hates maths. She scored highest marks in other grades, but when it comes to maths, nothing works.

Irish was in Mr Mark's office, and the old Alpha was shouting on her as if no tomorrow.

"What do you want me to do? " Irish asked with a low voice and sultry.

Mr Mark visibly gulped.

" So Mr Mark, your place or mine? "

Tsk, just one look and they are gone.

Irish is famous among the Alphas. Why? Because nothing can break her. Be as rough as you want; she would endure all of it or even ask for more as if challenging them to test her limits.

It gets her pleasure knowing that she owns them practically. The Alpha runs behind her just for good fuck, and she lets them. Simple.

There can never be an alpha who would capture her heart, and she was sure of that.

Alpha's fall for her charms. Want to bed her. As if she was a drug. Does this bother Irish? No. Absolutely No. She enjoys this treatment. She enjoys the spotlight she gets.

Omegas are jealous of her, and Alpha can't get enough of her.

What she wants, she gets.

Except that one Alpha who she wants so much for months now but the Alpha never even batted his eyes at her.

For Irish, this kind of turned into a fucking challenge and, ladies and gentleman, she loves challenges.

Everyone wants her, and she wants this fucking alpha who is rude as fuck to her.

But she has not known The “heart of everyone” Irish for no reason.

She gets what she wants, and she will get what she wants.

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