Chapter 2

A Young alpha, shirtless with a pup in hand looking all sexy and hot.

The seven months old pup started crying at a dawn and this handsome young Alpha had to wake up to feed his pup.

He could have had a good happy singles life with a good amount of sex. But once you forget to wear a condom, things turn at 180 degrees.

Aaron, a young businessman who opts to have a small luxurious two bedroom apartment instead of a huge penthouse that can hold two more like this apartment in his.

Why he chose a small over big? It's because of his pup. In a smaller area, he can keep a good watch on his pup.

Aaron, a playboy. Every club knew his name. Every omega wanted their chance with him.

Guys use protection, cause one-night stand can change a playboy into loving father.

, He loves the baby. His seven-month angel, who cries on top of his lungs each morning at exactly 5:30 am.

"Baby, wait a little~papa is making the food. " he cooed at his crying pup who was now snuggling in his neck, breathing in his musky pine scent.

He has to work hard now. Of course, cause he the CEO of Miller's enterprises. He likes to live in this area as no one knew him here.

He hates to leave his pup in the care of in sister-in-law, Jenne, who is extremely kind and understands him well. It's weird how his clumsy brother found such a perfect mate.

He made a mistake, and the bundle of happiness is in his hands. He never considers his pup as a mistake, but he wished that thinks should have been different.

He wanted to enjoy his bachelor's life then get a mate, and start a family.

But here he is, single with a pup. The pup was already half asleep sucking on the milk bottle.

His mother was not ready to deal with a pup, and Aaron hated the idea of abortion. The idea of killing his own pup was killing him.

He barely knew the girl but knew her enough to know that she was annoying. So he paid her during the pregnancy and took the full charge of the pup, Aracelis.

The name was perfect. It meant Heaven. And Aracelic is heaven for him. His happy place.

The pup was now asleep against his chest when suddenly a noise can be heard from the flat beside him.

"Fuck.... Harder. "

It wasn't new for the Alpha. The omega who had started to live beside his flat was barely 20 something and had a weird libido. The omega would have sex anytime, and that was annoying.

What annoys him more is that the omega flirts with him too. Despite the age, the omega would tease him.

Aaron won't deny that the omega is beautiful. If he was not a father he would have definitely banged the shit out of the omega.

He doesn't even know the omega's name because the omega never bothered to introduce. But just flirt with him, and Aaron hates it.

The noise was so high that the pup was starting to stir a little. Apparently, the bedroom of the omega and the living room of the Alpha's apartment was connected, and so the voice was maximum.

And the omega was loud.

He quickly went to the bedroom from the living room. Swinging a little while singing a lullaby.

Now his life doesn't turn around omegas and sex but instead, it revolves around his pup.

He doesn't want casual fuck but a mate who would accept him with his flaws and his pup.

And he doubts that would ever happen.

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