Chapter 4

"Hope you have no idea how much he irritates me. He can't understand a fucking no!?"  Aaron said as he remembered the incident that happened in the morning.

Hope, his best friend just kept listening to his whines. His attention was more on Aracelic who was looking at the toy that was hanging in his crib.

Hope is an Alpha, but people mistake him as a beta. He is single though and was a playboy just like Aaron until his eyes captured a beautiful omega who works as a bartender in his favourite coffee shop.

Ava, beautiful and is about the same age as him. But they never talked. Hope is bad when it comes around the topic called 'romance.'

"She is openly offering herself; I don't understand why you don't give it a shot? " He said to a pouting alpha beside him as he continued to coo at his nephew.

" I am not ready for that. " Aaron asked as his eyes turned to look at his pup who had a pacifier in his little mouth.

" Ready for what? Does one nightstand?  Seriously? " Hope asked as he finally turned to look at Aaron.

" Aracelic is a result of the one-night stand, Hobi. " He pointed out.

" And you regret it? " Hope raised his brows at him.

" What? Of course not! It's just that I don't want to have another baby. " Aaron pouted again. He had lost all his energy with Aracelic; another pup would be a nightmare.

" For god sake! Where does the pup topic come from?  You used to fuck literally everyone who walks on two legs!  Just use damn protection, damit! " Hope said more like shouting.

" You don't understand. I want to be a good role model for Aracelis. Being playboy and fucking is not on my to-do list now. The omega, Irish, is young and naive. She doesn't understand what she is doing. Fucking a neighbour doesn't seem a good idea for me. " Aaron said as a caressed, the pup's face who leaned in his touch.

" Find a mate, Aaron. Seriously, how long are you gonna be like this? Aracelis would need an omega parent, its how the pups function. " Hope said as he patted Aaron's head.

" Finding a mate is not easy. There are plenty of omegas and betas who wants to mate me but because they knew that I am rich. I want someone who loves me for who I am with the baggage that I carry. I want them to love Aracelic the way I love him. " Aaron said as he was still caressing the pup's cheek.

Hope understands him like no one. He knew what the turmoil the Alpha is going through, and he wants best for him.

" Wow! You look hot!" Betty commented as Irish was checking herself in the mirror.

"Tell me something new. " Irish said with a smirk. She was beautiful, and she knew it.

" Narcissistic. " Betty said who was looking good too.

" You look good too. I am sure jack would be pleased. " Irish said, and It was true, Jack was whipped.2

" Tell something new. " Betty said with a chuckle.

They were both getting ready for one of the weekend party at their Classmates house.

Irish was down for every party but today Betty decided to join her too because she argued with her husband.

As they walked in the party, every eye turned to them. Betty's mating mark stood proud on her neck, making every Alpha to back off her.

Meanwhile, Irish was a free estate and Irish. I loved the attention she got, craved for it.


"Fucking whore! "

" You enjoy the pain like a bitch that you are. "

The random Alpha said as he yanked Irish hair back, craning her neck in a weird, painful angle.

Any other person would have been offended by the names the Alpha is calling her, but Irish doesn't mind.

She feels relief through the pain. She feels that she is being punished. She deserves to be punished after what she has done.

As the Alpha kept thrusting in her, harshly, roughly. Irish kept enduring all the pain because she deserved it.

After what she did, she deserved it. She deserved all of it. This punishment was her method to cop up.

The Alpha left her as soon as he was done, not even looking at the omega again and Irish didn't mind it.

She got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. She was tipsy with alcohol in her system.

Other Alphas were looking at her again, but Irish was not in the mood. She was done for today.

Aaron was working on his phone, and Aracelic was sleeping peacefully on his crib.

Aaron was chewing on the salad that he was having as a dinner. It was easy and convenient. It was Saturday night, and he still gets to be with his pup.

Aaron wants to be free from all the work so that he can give his son complete attention.

As on cue, Aracelic whined softly, silently declaring that he is awake.

"Hey, buddy. You slept so well. " Aaron cooed as he placed the tiny pup on his shoulders.

Aracelis was tiny for his age cause he doesn't have an omega figure in his life. Jenne is a mated omega, so she doesn't count for the pup's body to consider her as another parent figure.

That's why Aaron considered getting in a relationship though he never had one before.

Balancing the pup in one hand, Aaron was filling the bowl with ready-made 100% generic baby food.

The pup is drooling all over his grey pyjama shirt and Aaron didn't even felt disgusted not for a single bit.

Aracelis was a carbon copy of Aaron, and for that, he was thankful. He never wanted the pup to have his mother's annoying features.

He remembered how Riya *pup’s mother* was all over him that night in the club and Aaron must say that she was hot fuck.

Good old days. 

Irish was thankful that she didn't drink too much alcohol because Betty was pressed in the wall by Jack and They were busy making out.

Irish was careful throughout the drive back home. As the cool wind hit her face, she was somewhat getting soberer.

The watch on her wrist showed that it was 12:15 am and being a devil that Irish is, she got an idea.

As she parked her car in the parking lot in her the building, she quickly made her way towards the lift and pressed her flats number.

When the lift finally came to an end,  she made her way towards the door, not her door but her neighbour's door.

Maybe, she should try her luck. She knew she looked beautiful today, so why not?

The rang the bell for at least 3 times before finally the door was opened. But the sight wasn't what she had thought.

In front of her was an Alpha who was dressed in plain hosiery grey pyjama, which was hot but in his arms was a tiny pup who had food all over his face.

"Irish? " Aaron asked and Irish finally broke out of her trance.

" Aaron-" Her words were cut short when a high pitched whine was heard from the pup who was now burying his face in Aaron's neck, trying to find comfort.

"No offence but you are smelling. " Aaron said by scratching his neck at his awkward comment.


Then it hit her that she was smelling of alcohol, slick and cum. How stupid of her to come here directly without even cleaning herself.

Without waiting for anything else, the omega rushed to her apartment, and Aaron let a sigh of relief. Maybe now that the omega knew that he had a pup, she would leave him alone.

He made his way towards the kitchen and started feeding Aracelic again. Surprisingly, the pup was starving. Maybe because he slept for four hours.

Aaron can't deny that Irish is beautiful, like extremely beautiful. It felt wrong when the omega was smelling of another Alpha.

Aracelis was now playing with his Appa's earrings, enjoying the tingle it caused. Aaron let him do whatever he wanted with those tiny hands of his.

The pup was cute with chubby cheeks and pink lips. His doe eyes are Aaron's favourite.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang again, and Aaron once again made his way towards the door. It was late. Who the hell comes at this time?

A door was

Irish who was dressed normally for the first time with a navy oversized hoodie and black shots. She was fumbling with the hem of her hoodie, looking nervous.

Irish? Nervous? Well, that was new.

Irish smiled at Aaron, and it was nothing seductive but a friendly, sweet smile that the Alpha had never seen before. By the wetness of the omega's hair, Aaron concluded that she took a shower. Her coffee scent was floating in the air, and Aracelic was getting impatient in his hold.

Surprisingly, the pup wasn't crying as he does when he meets a stranger.

Irish was looking at him with awestruck expression plastered on her face.

Aaron was still looking at the omega who was now looking all innocent angel. A sweet voice made brought him back to earth.

"Can I come in? "

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