Chapter Nine

Caleb’s Point of View

Curiosity was getting the better of me, I needed to know who that wolf girl was that I seen this morning. I simply could not get her off my mind. Theo tried to distract me by going over next weeks training schedule, but my heart and mind were not in it. Finally, he gave up and asked me if I wanted to walk around this pack’s territory. I readily agreed, which lead him to teasing me about possibly running into a certain girl.

Simply being outside relaxed my muscles and put a smile on my face. Looking around I noticed that the Silver Moon pack had done a great job in the way they had structured their buildings. The Manor House was center but towards the back giving the inhabitants a great view of the woods. Their meeting hall was off to the left, with an array of small shops surrounding it. The pack members houses were spread along the north side of the town, and beyond those were the

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Shirley John
the book itself is nice but the chapters are short ....
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Harley Lee
chapters go by to fast
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Cherry Elgario
excited to read but I can't purchase or subscribe .........

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