Chapter 11

Reid’s POV

Deciding to leave the diner, I mind linked Zane. “I want everyone on the lookout for Aria and Lily.” 

“Everything okay, Boss?”

“Yes, I just need answers. I had an interesting conversation with Zoe, the owner. She told me a few things that aren’t making any sense, but she won’t say anything else. I will explain when I see you. Just find them and bring them back to the Pack house. Is there any news on which Pack they belong to or last names?”

“No, Boss, whoever Aria is, someone has gone to great lengths to keep her hidden. Same goes for Lily. There are no birth records for Aria, not even banking information. Zoe must pay her in cash, and Lily’s records are sealed seeing as she is a minor. Public records wouldn&rsq

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Lori Archer
he won't kill her
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viola Mike
interesting so far
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Jennifer Walker
what happened for him to hate hybrids so much?

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