Chapter 12

Aria’s POV

 The ceiling, I remember the ceiling. All I can see is the fluorescent light above my head, shining brightly down on me, making a bead of sweat run down my neck. My head is pounding against my skull, heart throbbing in my ears. I could not remember if I were asleep or awake. I only remember the ceiling. Were my eyes already open or did I open them? Turning my head to the side, my head felt heavy, and my limbs felt like they were held down by weights. The whole room appears to be white. Too bright for my eyes, so I close them. My eyelids felt heavy, and I was trying to concentrate on breathing, sucking a big breath in to fill my lungs before I let it out again.

Hearing a single click, I try to turn to look in the direction it came from, but I felt too heavy. My throat felt raw and dry like a desert. Inhaling the air slightly, I force myself to roll onto my side, whe

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Comments (15)
goodnovel comment avatar
I know Ryder did the right thing but, 1 I thought they weren’t supposed to mark a mate without permission and 2, Aria AND Reid are gonna be PISSED! This is gonna be interesting, lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Ooooooh! I love that Ryder can take control in this way!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I love Ryder

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