Chapter 13

Aria’s POV

The next morning, I awoke early to someone opening the curtains and letting the light into the room. Sitting up, I stared at the person who appeared to be a nurse. She was wearing blue scrubs and white sneakers, her blonde hair pulled tightly in a bun. Noticing my movement, she turned around to face me. Surprise was evident in her blue eyes.

“You are up.” 

I just nodded my head in reply. Feeling confused, I tried to remember how I got in this room, but the only thing I can remember is telling Lily to run and then a wolf snapping its jaws, lunging at me before being plunged into darkness. The memory sent a shiver down my spine.

“Where am I?”

“You are on Blood Moon territory.” Petrified, I tried to get up, but the nurse ran over

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Lori Archer
love it just wish the chapters were longer, Orleans credits
goodnovel comment avatar
Jeanine Snyder
I think it is ironic how Love can change people! Jessica, you are a woman of many talents!! ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I don’t think she is to safe with Reid. He’ll hurt her in some way

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