Chapter 14

Reid’s POV

I can’t believe my wolf would go against me. How dare he betray my trust. We are supposed to be a team, supposed to be one whole. He knows the promise I made and yet he still went against me for her. Marked her against my will, all because she has spelled his wolf with her phony humanity. Hybrids are an abomination; they are barbaric savages. They exist to kill, and it’s incredible she has managed to conceal her true self this long. To hide the monster she truly is. It is only a matter of time until she slips up and kills someone.

“Do you hear yourself? Really Reid, you sound like a whiny bitch. I did you a favour, you’ll see.”

“I am not whining, you betrayed me. If you were doing me a favour, you would have slaughtered her,” I tell him before shoving him back to where he belongs.

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Elise Chavis
loving the book so far, why does the chapters have to be short or I guess I'm reading to fast
goodnovel comment avatar
Great book so far!!!!
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Fiona Wall
Wat i find annoying is how poor aria is treated and segregated why cant the pack help her stand up to the alpha since she has left hoping she can find peace with her mate if he can accept her mayb they can find a way to supress her vamp side and bring her wolf ... forward

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