Chapter 52

Aria’s POV

I watched and thought maybe whatever they gave her didn’t work, I prayed to the Moon Goddess that whatever they injected her with was a failure. Only when I heard her scream, did my blood run cold, colder than ice. I could feel the blood leave my face and bile rose in my throat. And if that weren’t enough, they then wheeled her in so we could listen to her agonised screams.  She looked at me in panic, her fear radiating out of every pore in her body, making the room fill with her scent. She writhed in agony panting, as wave after wave of pain shot through her.

“Lily, focus on me, bub, focus on my voice,” I called out to her, tears running like a stream down my cheeks. I watched them close the doors, leaving her screaming in pain. They sat on the other side of the glass, notepads in hand scribbling whatever garbage they were writing on to the pads. Lily looked at me

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20 coins for 12 pages? This isn’t a New York Times best selling author! Come on!
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Eula Elsa Divinagracia
you wasted my coins! this is like the previous chapter!

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