Chapter 55

Reid’s POV

Zoe’s friend was extremely useful, I could tell years of being a Hunter himself had him still wary of Abel and myself. I could also tell; he was trying his best to conceal his discomfort. Hunters are raised in families who have generations of Hunters following in the footsteps of their forefathers. I didn’t expect him to drop everything he has been raised to believe. I could tell he had only just come around to the idea that not all of us were bad, that didn’t make him more comfortable though, so Abel and I let Zoe do most of the talking. This was her area of expertise even though she retired decades ago. 

Abel and I were organising what was left of both Packs into scout teams, which was easy over the mind link for me, but David’s Pack discovered Abel didn’t need to be a Pack member. Being half Lycan allowed him to communicate with David’s Pack members, he was able

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Michelle Whitaker
man i feel so bad for poor Zane And Zander and little amber having to see your parent die right in front of you is something that you never forget. I am so heart broken right now you have no idea ... ... ... ... ... ...
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Shauna Dunn Figler
I enjoyed the book but felt locking in the cell was abusive and could have actually been different I will check out the next one
goodnovel comment avatar
Sarah Rhiannon
Wonderful book. I have now read three of her novels, and I am impressed by all. If y’all haven’t read Avalon City, I recommend you check it out!! I’m looking forward to more from this author.

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