Chapter Fifty-Eight

Aria POV

The next few weeks past by in a blur, we laid the dead to rest and helped rebuild the parts of the City that were destroyed. The attack had devasting effects and alot had died and not just the wolves, but humans too. Wendy was inconsable after the loss of her mate and so was Zane, Amber was coping exactly how we expected she would. Her saddness only making my guilt worse, knowing her mother's death was on my hands. I hadn't spoken to my father since the day we escaped, he was quick to leave after everything said he to take care of a few t

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goodnovel comment avatar
Honestly the books climax seemed rushed to me and I feel like it could have had more depth to it. I know there is another book but I just feel like there could have been more in this story’s but I still really wnjoyed it
goodnovel comment avatar
I have to say that I wasn’t able to really get emotional invested in aria and reeds relationship. I just really didn’t feel the love between them
goodnovel comment avatar
Leslie Walker
At least she got to know him as her father and not just as her bestfriend

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