There was no way I could run through the crowded room so I hurriedly pushed my way through the dance floor knowing that my dark hair would make it hard for me to be spotted out. My very normal and average outfit dissolved me into the crowd. Glancing towards the entrance, i saw a confused look on Chris's face. Great! He had lost me but I knew he'd find me sooner or later. He wouldn't snap my neck or stab me in the middle of such a large drunken crowd, would he?

Where was my beloved prince, Clyde Dune? If my life was a movie, he would have appeared out of nowhere and saved me. But, this was my day and there was no possibility of survival. At least I would die wearing my favourite colour, blue. You're probably think I'm some hysterical girl but in my defense, I'd been roughed up by some pretty bad guys before. Didn't want to get into trouble, much less with Clyde's enemy.

I made my way towards the DJ's, entering the tiny space between them and the cream coloured wall. One of them laughed and indicated under the table. He shook his head and continued working, probably wondering why I was hiding during a party.

Was I really losing my dignity just to avoid Chris? Well I was but would come out of it?

Nothing worried me more than Chris finding me. Maybe i was being foolish because of the few drinks I had. I mean, if I was sober enough I would have known that no harm could come from facing him. I waited for what seemed like hours for him to pull me out but it never happened. I finally congratulated myself on managing to defeat him. I had always been excellent at hide and seek. I never should have worried about being found.

I decided to get out of my hiding place and scan the big room. Using the biggest disk jockey as a cover, I took a swift look at the room and managed to spot him seated on a couch. He was with my friend Ruby. He seemed to be flirting with her by the looks of it. I wondered if they knew each other. He wore a smirk on his face and as I watched, she threw her head back, laughing at something he said. He was charming, yet so evil. To be honest, I found that quite attractive.

My best friend didn't know who she was with. He was a bad person capable of manipulating anyone into believing anything. What if he decided to take her hostage just to make me show myself? That sounded extremely ridiculous but had some truth to it. He was probably just using her, fully aware that I was in the room. What a Jerk!

Or maybe he was trying to find out where I was by asking her. He couldn't have seen me or I wouldn't still be breathing. I shook my head at my ridiculous thoughts. Something was definitely wrong with my brain. I had to get away from this party.

I resolved not to leave my spot until I was aware the coast was clear. I sat in the little space squeezed against the wall. The DJ's had already forgotten about me and I was grateful. Why would they care about some possibly drunk girl doing something stupid?m When I finally got tired of hiding I stood up to go.

I searched the room but I didn't see that attractive face anywhere. There was only one reasonable explanation for his absence. He must have disappeared into one of the upstairs rooms with Ruby. Good for me.

It's now or never!

“There you are,” my cousin, Gem recognized me. I sighed and stopped walking. “Didn't expect to see you here. How have you been?”

“I've been alright,” I replied, giving her a short hug then pulled away. “You?”

“I'm alright,” she said with a smile. “Glad I found you.”

“What do you want now?” I inquired glancing at her dancing partner whose face showed the expected strain that came with handling Gem when she was drunk. Bad luck seemed to be following me everywhere.

“Come, dance with me little cousin,” she slurred holding my hand. I shook my head. “Why are you in such a hurry to get rid of me?”

“I just need to go, Gems,” I pleaded. My heart thumped as I imagined Chris finding me. “Help me” I begged the sandy haired boy standing beside Gem. He shook his head and walked towards the kitchen. I gasped. How annoying!

“Hey you, get back here,” I yelled after him but he obviously didn't hear anything. My voice sounded like a whisper compared to the loud sound of music.

“Shannon,” Gem slurred, looking around. “Where's Josh?”

“He's in the kitchen,” I told her while pulling my hand away from her grasp.

“Take me to him,” she begged, pouting. “I love you, cuz.”

I grabbed her wrist and roughly pulled her through the mass of bodies but she was laughing the whole time. I had very little time left. Chris and Ruby would be done with their 'quickie' in no time. When I reached the kitchen, I left her in Josh's hands and slipped through the back door.

I had walked a short distance when I heard footsteps behind me. Were they real or was it my wild imagination playing tricks with me?

It could be anybody, I consoled myself. When I changed direction, whoever it was also changed. It really freaked me out and I developed the urge to turn around and scream. They kept getting closer and even my fast walking couldn't deter whoever it was coming after me.

I gathered enough courage but just as I was about to turn, a strong hand landed on my mouth and I was pressed against a warm body.

“Hey Shannon.” I knew that voice. So beautiful yet it sent a chill down my spine.

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