No words can describe how lonely I felt after everyone I cared about had gone. Clyde gave me a sad look as he went away with Jenny.

"This can't be happening to me," I said, clasping my hands over my head. I got up after deciding to climb up the mountain. It was five o'clock, quite late for one to go hiking on their own but I didn't care. I got water from my backpack, drank it and threw the bottle on the ground. I stood up and slung my bag over one shoulder.

By the time I reached the spot I wanted, my breath was coming in short gasps and my lungs were burning. My throat was parched so I got another bottle of water and opened it. I sat on the grass and drank it then sprayed myself with insect repellent. I fished out my phone but unfortunately it was down. I put it back in the bag and looked at the beautiful trees.

The small clearing was sorrounded by small trees. It was beautiful and peaceful. Keri and I used to play there a lot whenever our family brought us to the mountain and Lakesh
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