I sigh, glancing at the monitor whilst waiting for my master. He hasn't get back from his destination and I don't know where he will be going since he just confides that he'll be out and get back at ten in the evening but...

It's eleven in the evening and he's not here. Does something happen to him? Could it be... Does he get an accident from outside? No, it can't be. He'll be fine, for sure since he can save himself. I know he'll be okay.

I glance around, examining his apartment and it's huge. I perceive that his apartment is a lot bigger than mine. I think it's double size than my space. And his apartment is in a modern style like a typical man style. 

And one thing I notice is every piece of his furniture has a distinct color which is black and also I believe that it's personalized like he purchases all his furniture in just one fine-designed shop. And the materials that have been used are not just ordinary but expensive rare materials. The walls are paints in white color but not too white, it's like creamy white. 

And all things around his apartment are all expensive, I think it ranges to $50,000 maximum. He's a fine-looking good man with has a lot of property and also, I perceive that he's a rich man.

But the query is why does he need to kidnap me? And r*ped me? I don't know what he is the reason but I need to find out. Does he need to use me for something? I think it's not just for fun. He has a reason why he does this action. But if so, should I help him or not? 

But how will I find the clue if I don't know who is he? Should I find his identity? Well, it's going to be risky since he'll be coming soon. I don't know what to do! I just keep myself quiet and let him explain himself. 

Yes, let's do that! He'll explain it to me soon.

I kneel in front of the speaker, grabbing the remote, switching it into the internet section so I could play some music. Then, I start to play the music of my favorite singer. 

And suddenly I feel my stomach begins to growl as if I haven't eaten anything and so I stroll inside the kitchen, looking for some food inside the cabinet. I smile when seeing some cereal. I place it on the table before grabbing some bowl and spoon. 

"I need some milk," I mumble, swaying my hips whilst fluttering on the music. 

I open the fridge, clasping the milk before slamming it closed. Then, I walk to the table, pulling the chair as I crouch it. Then, I pour the cereal from the bowl as I open the cap of my milk before pouring it. 

I smile, clenching my fork as I lift my hand, placing the cereals inside my mouth. 

"Midnight snack is the best!" I mumble before eating my food. 

Afterward, I step inside the living room whilst looking around, striving to see what I could do for today so I could wait for my master to come home. 

Thus, my eyes gaze at the wall where the picture frame hangs against the wall. And so, I slowly saunter, seeing the picture completely. And when I examine the picture, I gasp, widening my eyes whilst taken aback. 

My eyes release tears, rushing through my cheeks as I stumble on the floor, covering my mouth and struck with awe.

It's a wedding picture with JM and my master. Could it be… He's the husband of JM? How does it happen? 

So it is revenge and he'll be using me against JM? But why? Does he have an explanation for this? Or he wants me to suffer since I become his slave for five years but I leave that mansion when knowing that he's married to someone else. 

And it's my darkest secret why I leave that mansion. The man I've always seen is the man that I've been falling in love with in the first place. And I don't want JM to get hurt since I owe my life to him but he's not what I want. 

I don't even recognize him. I'm so f*cked up. The man I want is the one who kidnaps me. What a tragic life I have. 

I stand, strolling closer to the couch as I lie down, slowly closing my eyes when feeling weary from the information I have gathered. 


I step inside the apartment, removing my shoes as I walk inside the living room. And there, I see Drianna, who's sleeping on the couch. Then, I kneel in front of her, examining her appearance and I'm not going to lie. She's very beautiful and anyone can fall in love with her innocent face. 

"I need to wake her up," I murmur, sighing whilst leaning my head on the couch. 

I shake her shoulder, waking her up. And all of a sudden, her eyes slowly open, smiling at me. 

"Master? You got back home." She mumbles whilst smiling. 

I heave a deep sigh, feeling the guilt all over my never when I kidnap her, and worst, I bash her body. I'm being a terrible person when using her body against her will. 

But I was blinded by how my husband wants her into his life and slowly forgetting my presence, his husband. It's not Drianna's fault why Jeffrey falls in love with her. She has a heart and even if I kidnap her, she's not mad at me. 

Then, I pull her close, embracing her into my arms. "Why?" She mumbles. 

I loosen the hug, shaking my has as my answer. But one thing I think about is to use her to be my lover. And let Jeffrey suffer by letting me go. 

"I know that sorry is not enough for kidnapping you and bashing your body against your will but I'm sorry. I just need you to fulfill my goal." 

Her head cocks on the side, confused about what is happening. I chuckle, ruffling her hair as she giggles.

"Don't be. I'm happy that you let me stay here. At least JM will never find me."

My eyes wide when she forgives me that easily. But why? What I did for her is absurd yet she forgives me that easily.

"You don't understand Drianna. What I did is a crime yet you forgive me that easily?" She sighs, leaning her back at the rest as she crosses her arms.

"It's easy to escape when I'm with you since he wants to find me." I frown in confusion then abruptly, she flicks my forehead hardly. 

"Ouch! What was that for?!"

"You have a terrible face mostly when you are frowning." She giggles, caressing my forehead to ease the pain. 

"Do you love JM?" She nods. 

"I do love him but I love his husband the most." 

"H-his husband? W-why?" She smiles. 

"His innocent smile and also he has a beautiful voice when he's singing as if someone angel is singing at the balcony." Her smiles never leave her lips whilst describing me.


"Yes." She replies.

My eyes widen when she knows who I am. But how does she perceive that? Does she explore the apartment to gather some information about me?

"You have a picture there." She replies to my silent question.

Then she points to the picture frame, hanging on my wall. Our wedding picture.

"That's the reason why I'm running away. I fall in love with someone who doesn't know my existence. Also, when he confessed that he loves me, I know I'll be ruining your marriage that's why I left. And also, to suppress my feelings for you." She explains, glancing at her lap whilst fiddling her finger. 

"Now, I don't know why you force me to have s*x with you. You chained me and kidnapped me. Are you going to use me against him?" She adds. 

I bite my lips, striving to think of my reason but she perceives it so do I have a choice to lie about it? 

"He falls in love with you. That's why I'm pissed off."

"Then I can help you. I'm your slave now so I'll do everything for you. But please don't get to bring me back to him." 

I respond with a nod. 

"Okay but for your safety. You aren't allowed to step outside the apartment since he perceives that I know where you are. And whatever happens, don't try to open the door when someone rings the bell. If someone comes, you need to hide." I explain.

"Where will I hide? Table?" I laugh at her bizarre mind. 

"No. I have a secret room here and no one knows."

"Even JM?" I nod. 

"But before I show you the room. We need to talk about my goal." She nods vigorously, pulling her close to me as we step inside the dining room.

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