Chapter 8


I feel something heavy on my heart as I recall Meera. Neither I know where she is now nor I know why she left me like this. It's been 6 months she didn't show up. I tried to find her in almost every possible places. But she was gone. I had imagined my whole life with her. A guy like me completely changed himself only for her. I became serious in studies and my career just to secure the future with her. I never knew she would ditch me like this. I had never expected this from the girl I loved the most in the world.

I'm not sure when I started crying. As soon as a teardrop falls on my hand I realize that I was weeping. This happens almost every night. I dream of her and wake up with her voice. I can't sleep the whole night, thinking about her. Though nowadays I'm handling myself well, this marriage again cracked me up. When I was struggling to get over my recent

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