Chapter 9


She tightens her grip around my torso. I can sense her calming down. She has stopped sobbing, resting herself in my arms as if she waited for this for a long time. Somewhere in mind, I also felt better after permitting her to come close to me. I wonder if it's the allowance for moving into a new life with her or just sympathy for her which I felt after witnessing her crying like this. 

   "I love you, Karan", she moans into my arms, clasping my t-shirt tightly. I wish I could say that back to her. Every girl deserves to hear those three magical words from her husband. Yet, we don't count among those couples. 

   "It's too late, let's go to bed", I suggest her, lightly caressing her hairs. Her hairs feel smoother and silkier than before. 

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