~Lianna Black~

Waves. A music I grew to love and enjoyed, a song playing on repeat. The ocean would pull back the waves brought by the wind to shore, only to repeat the process.

“Strip.” One word. A promise of another strenuous night, yet I did what my husband told me to do.

We just finished twenty minutes of skinny dipping in the ocean. Our bodies are still dripping with salty cold water, yet I could feel my blood rushing through my veins.

Ace sat himself back on the blanket where the clutter of our late dinner date was still evident. I was left standing in front of him, his waiting eyes challenging me to do as he instructed.

Reaching for the string of my top, I watched as Ace’s icy gray eyes darkened under the moonligh

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Kay Mtz
I really enjoyed reading this book. loved it !
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Jan Rimando
yesss finally I finish it. love the story thank you..
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Erika Jenkins
I loved this book from beginning to end. Well done author. I can't wait for Alexa's story.
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