“Shit sorry Alpha '' I apologised, Reid was standing only in his black pants his shirt still undone revealing his abs and V-line that disappeared into the waistband of his pants, he quickly buttoned it up. 

“All good Lily you know where her closet is” he said pointing to it in the corner of the room. Aria must have warned him I was on my way up, then again Aria never thought I was dressed appropriately and always made me get changed before meetings. So, he was probably used to me helping myself to her clothes.

“You’re not gonna scold me too, are you? Because if you are, I will rock up like this” I said cheekily. Reid smiled and shook his head. 

“No, I’m sure aria will give you enough shit, Are you ready for today?”

“Yep, just want to get it over with and then bail, you can deal with Aria” I stated. Man, she was going to eat him alive when she finds out he kept this from her.

“She will come around eventually, what about meeting Alpha Damien, you haven’t seen him in what, twelve years, and I know your father had that falling out with him last year”

“That’s dads business not mine, I don’t care for this Alpha Damien, I will be just glad when I don’t have to keep going to all these Alpha meetings, they’re so bloody boring” 

He smirked before turning to look at Amber crossing his arms over his chest making him appear wider. Amber’s eye went wide, having the Alpha staring at her as she shifted from one foot to the other.

 “Amber, get your father to meet me in the boardroom after the meeting please” He said. Reid then walked over, kissing my head in a fatherly way. Amber quickly left obviously feeling awkward with Reid getting dressed in front of her, not that nudity was a big thing with werewolves, and he had pants on. So, besides his masculine chest you couldn’t really see anything.

“Get ready the other Alpha’s will be here soon, I know they won’t like it when they find out that my pack will be bigger than theirs once you hand the pack over to me, so prepare yourself. This could turn into an argument” He left the room, and I walked into the closet.

 One thing I loved was Aria’s sense of style, I was always borrowing her clothes, it annoyed her sometimes. I rummaged through and grabbed out a pair of jeans and shirt before throwing on one of her black leather jackets and putting my sneakers back on. Looking in the mirror, I felt I looked decent enough and no way was I letting Aria dress me. She would have made me wear a dress.

 I scrunched my face up at the thought, but looking in the mirror I looked great, I was tall not freakishly tall but taller than Aria, my long blonde hair falling in waves down my back to my waist, then there were the eyes which is what most people saw noticed right away. I had hoped they would go back to normal. I hated them, people always stared, not that they would ever say anything with my father’s present, yet they made me self-conscious. You could tell there was something wrong with me, no matter how hard I try to pretend I am okay. I know what people call me. I have seen the looks on their faces, heard the whispers. It used to bother me, used to hurt when no one would let their kids play, I learnt to keep my circle small which is hard in Pack.

I was the Unhinged one. They aren’t wrong though.  So, I have learnt to accept it. My half amber, half sapphire eyes staring back at me. A constant reminder of what those sick Bastards did to me. As if the nightmares weren’t enough, I even had the reminder when I was awake. My past haunting me like a shadow following me everywhere I went. 

“Fuck what anyone thinks” Layla my wolf growled in my head. She really was a hard case to crack, one minute she almost seems normal then others she is just a savage, primal and acts out of instinct, we still don’t know what’s wrong with her and our bond. We have learnt to accept it. No point crying over something that can’t be changed.

“Behave, please don’t embarrass me” I whispered back to her. 

“Behave? You embarrass yourself, got nothing to do with me. Besides, everything will change soon” She told me. I wondered what she meant, and I could feel her pacing in the back of my mind, always so restless, always watching, looking for an opportunity to shove past my walls I had carefully built to keep her contained. “You never make any sense” 

“Everything will make sense, make sense” She rambled

“What will?” I asked annoyed.

“When we turn eighteen, yep eighteen then everything makes sense” Clearly, she didn’t know what she was talking about, so I gave up trying to get answers. I walked out heading back downstairs, only to run back into Amber who was trying to sneak off with her mate. She found her mate on her sixteenth birthday, I haven’t found mine. Layla and I don’t think we have one because of what happened all those years ago. I was often jealous that everyone else in our grade either found their mates already or had boyfriends. People steered clear of me, I’m the unhinged one, the dangerous one, keep your children away parents would say, something isn’t right with that one. 

Even if we did have a mate, I would have to reject them. I am not mate material, no one wants a broken Mate. Layla didn’t agree, she reckons our mate would accept us, love us despite our fucked-up situation. She also said she will kill me if I reject our mate. Like I said she is unhinged, to kill me she also kills herself, I think she forgets that part.  

My wolf one minute is lucid the next batshit crazy. I shake my head at the memory. Amber holds a finger to her lips, and I smile as she and Shaun sneak out the back, no doubt to let their wolves free in the forest surrounding the property and to escape the watchful eyes of her father.

I make my way down the stairs when I suddenly get hit with the most intoxicating scent. Mmm someone must be baking chocolate cookies, my mouth instantly watering, there was something else too though a masculine smell. I hear voices off to the side coming from the kitchen. I quickly duck around the corner and run for the board room. I can’t afford to be late; I open the door and all eyes turn to me. 

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Alpha Damien is her mate
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I sense a mate present....hmmmm....
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alguien sabe si esta historia esta en español?

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