Shit I am already late. My father has a lazy smirk on his face like he expected nothing less, Reid didn’t even look in my direction at all, he knew I was on my way down. Aria was glaring. I shrunk back under that gaze before realising I’m also an Alpha technically, so I hold my chin high and walk to my seat, ignoring her eyes boring into me. I notice the Alpha from the Forest pack is already here and the Alpha Thomas from the Red Moon Pack, but the Crescent Moon Alpha was also running late. I sat in my seat. I hated the Crescent Moon Alpha, I heard he was obnoxious and liked to sleep around. I met him when we were rescued from the hunters, haven’t laid eyes on him since. Only heard the rumours about how he killed his own father and took over the pack apparently, he is ruthless and merciless when it comes to his pack which is now the biggest pack in the country.

 I knew he would be pissed when he finds out mine and Reid’s packs were merging, making ours the biggest and strongest in the country. I stared at the ceiling waiting for the last Alpha to arrive bored already. Only looking up when that intoxicating scent hit my nose again just before the door opened, and in stepped the Crescent Moon Alpha.

 I must admit he was hot as fuck. He froze his eyes looking around the room before landing on mine. He looked shocked before he composed himself and walked into the room taking the seat across from mine. My wolf was going crazy trying to take control.

“Settle the fuck down, what’s gotten into you Layla?” She didn’t answer, just kept pushing against my skin.

Reid spoke, pulling my attention back to the everyone in the room, what I wasn’t prepared for was the creepy bloody way Alpha Damien was watching me, like I was a piece of meat he wanted to devour. I glanced around to the others, but no one was paying him attention to notice. I sat back in my chair and glared back at him, hoping he would look away instead he smiled. He was gorgeous I must admit, but then most werewolf men were. He wore a button up shirt that had the arms rolled up to the elbows he looked business like yet casual, the rolled-up sleeves showed just how muscled he was, I could also tell he had tattoos running up both arms and across his chest, just make them out from the few buttons of his shirt that were undone. 

“I wonder what they are of?” Layla said excitedly. That’s when I realised, I had been staring no checking him for too long. I quickly pulled my eyes away, looking towards Reid who was standing at the front explaining something that I missed. Yet I could feel him still staring.

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and he smirked, raising an eyebrow at me, which made me blush. He knew I was having trouble trying to ignore him.

“Lily, Lily?” I shook my head turning to Reid. 

“Yep, what is it?” He stared at me like I had grown two heads, shit what did I miss?

“Your announcement” He said looking at me sceptically. Oh yeah right that I thought before standing up. I stood up and turned more to Aria who was sitting next to Reid, she was not going to be happy and if I couldn’t get the rest of these Alpha’s on board, I might not have the choice but to run the pack with Reid’s help. My father who was seated next to me squeezed my hand gently encouragingly. I looked down at him and smiled before looking back at Aria.

“Well as you all know, my father is going to retire, he has had enough of running the Pack, and me being the sole heir it’s meant to be handed down to me” Everyone nodded, yet Aria eyes me suspiciously. 

“What do you mean lily” her lips pressing into a tight line. Oh man she was going to kill me.

“Well Alpha Reid and dad and I have been talking, I don’t want the position, so we came up with an idea to merge the packs and Reid take over” The other alpha’s in the room started discussing numbers but Aria looked livid that this was kept from her. 

Her voice ringing out in the room as she turned on Reid. “You knew and didn't say anything I knew something was up with all these pack meetings you had” Reid looked back at her apologetically.

“Lily wanted to wait to tell you, that’s why” He said, digging me an even bigger hole to bury myself in. 

“No, I won’t allow it, Lily it is your pack you need to run it. Why would you want to step down from a position of power Lily you have been trained for this? You can do this” She argued pulling everyone’s attention to me. 

“No, you and dad have been training me. I don’t want this Aria; you know exactly why I can’t do this. The pack is safer in Reid’s hands. Dad wants to retire, and he can’t if no one runs the pack and I am not that person”

“Lily you are Alpha for a reason, you’re meant to run your pack” She screamed back at me. The room had gone completely silent except for us yelling at each other.

“Not anymore why are you arguing with me over this Aria, this is a good thing. Yes, I am supposed to run the pack but that was before fucking Kade come into the picture and fucking destroyed me. I'm not Alpha I don’t want to be so shut up and accept it, this is how it has to be”

Aria went to yell some more before Reid put his hand on her shoulder pushing her back into her seat, she suddenly realised we were in a room full of other Alpha’s and screaming at each. I watch her blush. 

“Sorry Alpha’s forgive me” She said politely. None of them said anything, like they could anyway she had Lycan blood she could literally have them begging at her feet and kissing her toes if she commanded it. I sat down too, suddenly exhausted from yelling. Alpha Damien was staring at me again, this time a look of concern spread across his face, I raised an eyebrow. What the fuck was his problem? Do I have food on my face, or something why does he keep staring? I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I wanted to shrink under his green eyes. 

“I think he’s hot?” Layla sprouted her head up. I rolled my eyes at her which I actually did to Damien before I realised. His lips turned up like he knew what she said. 

“So, does anyone have a problem with the new arrangement or any questions?” Asked my father. All eyes on him except Damien’s who was still gawking at me. Fucking creep.

“Alpha Damien?” Reid asked when he didn’t answer, he looked to Reid “sorry what was the question?” Reid’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Do you have a problem with me taking over Lily’s Pack” He repeated.

“If that’s what she wants, I will support that” He said looking back at me. Reid looked confused, like he was expecting Damien’s declaration of war. Quite frankly so was I. Everyone seemed to glance at him. You could hear a pin drop. It was that quiet, like we were wondering if we heard right.

“You don’t have an issue with this at all,” Reid asked, astonished. 

“Like I said if she wants to step down from her Pack, I will support it” Aria looked pissed hoping he would be at least on her side.

“Well, this meeting went quicker than I thought, if everyone agrees this probably could have been done over the phone. I am sorry for wasting your time Alphas”  The Alphas of the forest pack and red Moon pack got up shaking my father’s hand then Reid’s before leaving the room. I stood up and went to follow wanting to get out of here before Aria jumped me.

“Not so fast Lily” I groaned really. 

“Let’s not do this Aria. I won’t argue with you, my decision is final. I am not changing my mind”

She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose frustrated. Amber sent me a text message, my phone binging once. I pulled it from my pocket and opened the message.

House party at Brent’s tonight coming?

Yes, I will pick you up 😊

I closed my phone, and everyone was staring at me again. 

My smile instantly slipped from my face. 

“You better not be sneaking out with Amber tonight Lily; you know she is grounded after the last time” I often forget that Aria could read me like an open book. 

“What I do with my life and body is my business not yours, same goes for Amber” I heard my dad snort; he was so used to us bickering constantly that he now actually found it funny. 

“Go have fun I will sort everything out here with Reid” My father said, pulling me to him and kissing the top of my head. I hugged him back and went to walk out when I heard Damien speak. 

“If I may, can I speak to the three of you, I have a favour to ask” Seeing how I was stepping down. I didn’t bother to stick around to hear what it was he wanted to say, instead I walked out wanting to go back to my freedom.  

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