Damien’s POV

From the moment I received the call from Reid, saying I needed to attend an urgent pack meeting, I was on high alert. Most Alpha’s have meetings once a year to discuss any territory disputes that may have arisen. We already had that meeting a few months back, I knew whatever it was they had called the meeting for was either urgent or something along the lines of a change of power. 

I also knew the Black Moon Pack Alpha was hoping to retire once his daughter turned of age to take over the Pack. I had met Lily when I was child myself, a sweet girl noticeably quiet. Did I think she was Alpha material, yes, she had the makings, but I knew there was something seriously wrong with her even if I only met her as a kid, I could tell she had seen more than what most kids her age had, endured more than most kids her age. I could tell the moment I laid eyes on her there was something very unsettling behind those glowing blue and amber eyes, something twisted and dark, ruthless a monster just waiting to be unleashed.

What I wasn’t expecting was walking into the Blood Moon territory and finding my mate. I never really gave much thought to mates, well didn’t go out of my way looking for mine. I didn’t need a mate, didn’t need anyone. Well, that was until I saw her. I have always run my pack with an iron fist, I had rules, I had control, nobody upsets that power. I am Alpha and have been since I was sixteen when I killed my father and banished my mother. It is probably the only reason Alpha Reid and I get along; we have one thing in common we both had to fight to get where we were at such a young age.

 He was forced to take over his Pack, I was forced to kill my own father and take over the Pack. I have been on my own ever since, no one dared challenge me, not even Alpha Reid himself, I earnt my place here, my hands forever tarnished in the blood of my enemies.

So, imagine my surprise upon entering the Blood Moon Pack house, my wolf instantly howling in my head, pacing waiting to take over as her scent hit my nose. I forgot all about the meeting instantly, just following the scent that made my skin buzz and my heart jolt. My wolf pressing against my skin wanting, no needing to find the beautiful creature that emitted such a mouth-watering intoxicating scent. I followed the scent and opened the door. My eyes instantly landing on a beautiful blonde-haired beauty with her back to me. 

What I wasn’t prepared for, was when she turned around and I saw her breathtaking face, the face of an angel only the eyes of the devil. Lily, her name was delicate, but those eyes said otherwise. She was no longer the sweet little girl anymore but a woman with the perfect hourglass figure and perky round breasts and with an ass I wanted to spank. No, she was no longer a little girl but a woman. 

My wolf jerked me forward as she looked at me, her eyes locking with mine, yet she didn’t seem as taken by me as I was her. Like she didn’t feel the pull. I wondered if she was seventeen yet, most wolves jump at the sight of their Mate yet, here she was looking at me like I was some dirty perv she wanted slap for gawking. I quickly took my seat; I had no idea what this meeting was about and no longer cared as long as I could have her. 

I sat across from her, I watched her. In fact, I couldn’t drag my eyes from her. She was gorgeous, and she was mine. I noticed her eyes kept darting back to me like she couldn’t help it, her eyes slowly raking up my body setting my skin on fire. Until she found my face, I smirked and I knew she was checking me out. I liked the way her eyes moved over me, yet I could tell she didn’t understand why she was drawn to me. 

When Reid finally called for her, she quickly stood up forcing me to pay attention to what the heck this meeting was actually about. What I wasn’t expecting was for Lily to stand down, I knew she must have her reasons. My wolf was calling out to hers yearning for the recognition he was her mate; I felt his disappointment when she didn’t react to him. I watched as Aria and Lily Argued. If it were anyone but my mate standing down, I would have a serious problem with their Packs merging because it would cause a major power shift. 

Right now, though, I would have declared war just to keep her, I knew I had to come up with a plan. I looked to her father who was paying attention to the argument. He looked tired and I wondered if it was Lily that kept him up at night or was it this meeting. My family didn’t have a good relationship with the Black Moon Pack to begin with, maybe I could use this as an opportunity to mend that alliance. I had heard the rumours of his daughter, the troubled one. The wild child, daughter of the Alpha, is apparently reckless and completely unhinged.

If needed I will declare war just to have her and I knew that was something Alpha David didn’t want, he can’t stand down unless someone takes over the pack. Without my agreement, I knew he wouldn’t give me his daughter and that I would have to take her by force. Yet I had a feeling with the way he watched her that he would give his life for her, so maybe if it is of benefit to her, he would hand her over. So, when Reid asked for support, I felt all eyes turn to me. I looked at Lily as she waited expectantly for my declaration of war. 

“So Alpha Damien do you have a problem with me taking over Lily’s Pack?”

“If that’s what Lily wants, I support that” I said staring at Lily, she was perfect and she was going to be mine.

“You don’t have an issue with this at all,” Reid asked, looking utterly confused. 

“Like I said if she wants to step down from her Pack, I will support it”

 I watched Lily let out a breath, like the weight of the world was currently being carried on her shoulders and the weight was too much to bear.

Lily’s phone binged and I watched her face light up with a mischievous grin, Aria jumping to her feet and trying to glance at her phone screen before turning on her sister. Concern etched on her face.

You better not be sneaking out with Amber tonight Lily; you know she is grounded after the last time” I see Lily sigh before she unleashed on her sister. 

“What I do with my life and body is my business not yours, same goes for Amber” I found her attitude amusing; she was a little firecracker, and I was going to have fun breaking her. 

As she turned for the door I spoke up, I needed to make a move and that time was now, with her out of the room I could finally take control of the situation. I turned to her father Reid and Aria. I knew Aria and Reid were like parents to her, more so than Alpha David, yet It wouldn’t do any good pissing of the Alpha, he was her father and If I could at least get him to agree, I knew I could work around Aria.

“If I may can, I speak to the three of you, I have a favour to ask” Lily quickly walked out the door not even glancing back. It took all my strength to stop my wolf from taking over and claiming her. When I finally reigned in control, I looked around the room and everyone’s eyes were on me, watching waiting for the explosion I knew they thought was coming.

I waited for them to take their seats again, it would be best if they took this information sitting down. I knew they would be shocked by my sudden request.

“If this is about Lily standing down, I can assure you we are no threat to your Pack” Said Reid before I waved my hand cutting him off.

“It isn’t about that, how old is Lily?”  I asked her father. He didn’t hide his surprise at my question. His eyes brows lifting before folding his arms across his chest and leaning back in his seat and eyeing me suspiciously.

“She is seventeen, why?”

“Lily is my mate, yet she didn’t recognise me as hers” I answered. My voice steady as I gauged their responses. Aria ran a hand through her hair, eyebrows furrowing, Alpha David just glared. I could tell he was going to be the hardest to crack. 

“Are you sure?” Asked Reid leaning forward and joining his hands in front of him on the table. I leant back relaxing at finally saying what I had been dying to say since I laid eyes on her.

“Positive, she is mine and I want her, I don’t care about her broken wolf, she is mine and if I don’t get her, I will declare war for her” I said my voice ice cold yet steady. I had no doubt I would kill for her. 

“There is no need for that, this doesn’t need to become an argument just remember who’s territory you are on Alpha. That's my sister you’re talking about, I would watch your tone around me” Aria said completely unafraid, I didn’t expect her to be, she was above all of us, but my threat still stands. 

Alpha David hadn’t spoken. I could tell he was struggling with what to say or do. When he did speak, I felt my heart drop somewhere cold, my veins turning to ice.

“Lily will reject you, she doesn’t want a mate” He said. He almost seemed sad for her. Was she really that broken that she didn’t feel worthy of a mate or was there some other reason?


“Don’t play dumb boy I know you have heard the rumours about my daughter, who hasn’t she can’t be tamed, believe me we have tried” 

Aria looked between us and Reid sat back placing his hand on her shoulder, she relaxed under his touch before smiling sadly. 

“Maybe this is what her wolf needs,” She whispered. Alpha David looked at her before nodding. 

“So, what do you want to do?” He asked looking back at me.

“I want to take her home with me?” 

“No, she doesn’t even know you’re her mate she won’t go with you willingly”

“Well, what do you suppose then?” I asked.

“Lily turns eighteen next week, Lily told me her wolf keeps telling her eighteen everything will make sense, she has been repeating it for weeks. What you need to understand Alpha, my daughter isn’t like any wolf you have ever met, her wolf holds no bond to my daughter, our wolves are a part of us, linked through our memories becoming a piece of us, Lily’s wolf isn’t. She is cunning, ruthless and uncontrollable, they are two entities sharing one body. They call my daughter the unhinged for a reason, her wolf is dangerous and so is she. Lily has given up trying to tame her, given up on herself. You walking into her life won’t change that”

“Why didn’t you tell me this David, I have a right to know. If Lily’s wolf has started talking to her why didn’t you tell me” Aria bellowed standing up, her seat falling to the ground. She was livid.

“Lily didn’t want you to know Aria, I won’t go against my daughter. I know you raised her. I get that but she isn’t a little girl anymore she can make her own decisions and that was one them. She didn’t want you to know because she didn’t want you to worry” Aria seemed to calm down but still looked pissed. 

Alpha David turned to me again. “Stay till her eighteenth birthday, maybe her wolf will recognise yours if she does all good, but if she doesn’t you need to prepare yourself”

“If she does, I want to take her home with me back to my Pack” 

“Let's see how you survive being around her for the next week before we go making decisions for Lily, I think you will find, you might get more than you bargained for. Lily is strong willed and won’t go easily” Reid spoke up. I could tell her cared deeply for Lily; I would even say as much as her father. 

“Stay with us for the next week then we will decide what happens next” I nodded. I could live with this decision, if it meant I could remain close to Lily. I never needed anyone but finding her, my other half I knew, I would never feel complete without her. I would make sure she becomes mine, even if it means taking her by force. But for now, I will let her decide if not I would decide for her.

“You agree, Alpha David? I know you don’t like me for my father’s doings, but I would never hurt your daughter. I just want what’s mine and Lily is mine” Alpha David uncrossed his arms a look of defeat on his face. I knew he was tired of his daughter's wild ways, maybe I was the answer he had been looking for. I just hoped Lily would see that too.   

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Star Bigelow
Damian and Lily will balance eachother out I feel! yall tripping. I have faith in this writer! she is a beautiful work of imagination.
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He doesn’t even consider asking her what she wants. Guess he assumes she’ll go willing. Kind of an a hole thing to say.
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Therese Paulsson
I cant wait to read this one Damien wont know what hit him

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