Damien POV

I don’t know how she does it let alone, how the hell this girl is still alive. I have been following her around despite her many protests and believe me she has had every excuse not to be left alone with me. Every excuse to try and escape me. But Aria and her father have both been constantly on her back, every time she tries to do a runner. They manage to get her convinced to let me tag along. But it was starting to become too much and man she was really tugging on my last nerve.

I have watched her party and become that drunk and reckless to the point she blacks out completely. Every night, I have to drag her back to her packhouse, just to force her to sleep it off. I know she doesn’t understand why I am here, but I know her wolf is starting to recognise me. One thing I did find out, her wolf is just as comfortable in their human skin as she is in her wolf skin

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Hybrid Aria
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Angie Fonseca
what is book number 1 of this series?
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Ahh, it’s so sad how disconnected she is because of what Kade did to her.

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