Lily POV

Waking up, I know something is instantly wrong because I am not in my own bed. I sit up and look over to find Alpha Damien laying next to me fast asleep. At least this time I have my own clothes on. I feel Layla stir coming to life at me waking. 

“What did you do Layla?” She groggily stirs and starts purring trying to go back to sleep. Throwing the covers off, I get out of the bed. The Alpha rolls onto his back throwing an arm over his face, trying to block the light that is streaming in from the window. 

I grab a pillow and lob it at him. He grunts from the impact of it hitting him in the balls. Grabbing his family jewels before sitting up angrily. I watch as his face changes colour out of anger. Before he can go on one of his well-rehearsed rants about my behaviour, I lob another pillow which

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Kimi Hernandez
Agreed… way too many coins.
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Too many coins for only 11 pages

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