Damien POV 

 I watched as Lily fought for control, I had never in all my life seen anything like what I was witnessing. Layla coming forth in Lily’s human form forcing the shift when Lily wouldn’t give her control. Literally ripping and clawing at her skin and tearing it off in sheets.; I could hear Lily scream in pain. My wolf went into overdrive watching his mate hurt herself. Aria froze for a second and screamed to Lily to fight it. But I knew she wasn’t going to win this battle. This is when I utterly understood what everyone meant about her wolf being unhinged.

 In shock all I did was watch, horrified at what I was seeing. When she completely shifted, I was completely gobsmacked and shocked to my core. Her wolf was anything but ordinary, she was larger than any Alpha female I have seen, in fact she wasn’t much smaller than my wolf

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jay piscott
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Still think you’re gonna control Lily?? LMAO!!!
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Patricia Phillips
I really love your books!

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