Lily Pov 

I didn’t understand what happened, last thing I remember is darkness as Layla shoved me out, taking control. Then feeling cold, as if this day couldn't be any worse, I awoke in none other than Alpha Damien’s arms. How did they get her to stop? Why did she suddenly give me back control? Nothing made sense anymore.

My body completely ruined as I looked down at the blood pooling on the tile floor, Damien had turned on the shower before glancing over at me, I pulled the towel tighter trying to cover my exposed flesh. 

Damien only wore a towel around his hips, I could tell he must have shifted when Layla took over.

“Did she do that?” I asked looking at the huge bite mark that was healing on his arm. He glanced down at it seemingly

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Amy L Johnson
Yeah, I see that in other books as well. I'm like is this something they don't talk about to teens.
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Darlynn Coursey
wish it let me read more then 1chapter at a time
goodnovel comment avatar
She’s a mutation so she isn’t normal. I think wolves in this universe can sense their wolves at 16 but Lily is diff. They are hoping she can sense her mate when she turns 18 which is very soon, like the next day lol

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