Damien’s POV

I waited for her to be completely asleep before moving, I couldn’t risk waking her. Getting up slowly, I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. Reaching over her, I grabbed a pillow and jammed it behind her back, so she would still think I was laying behind her. 

Darian snorted in my head. “Yeah, because that will work, fool” He hissed. He was right if she did wake, she would intuitively know, I wasn’t there. Our body temps ran a lot hotter not to mention my scent wouldn’t be as strong. 

“Well let’s hope she doesn’t wake then” I called back at him. I quickly slipped out of the room making sure to lock the door behind me, not that it would do much but at least it would give us warning if she broke down the door. I walked down the corridor and to the c

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goodnovel comment avatar
I’m not feeling Ari in this book!
goodnovel comment avatar
Leslie Walker
All I can think is 'why is Aria wearing kitty slippers.... She's a pure hybrid.... Cats are dogs mortal enemy lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Leslie Walker
How the hell does she not realize he is her mate just by the sparks alone

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