Lily POV

The light coming in from the window was lighting up the back of my eyelids, I turned away from the light. Rolling over not quite ready to wake up yet. I felt movement behind me before an arm was thrown over me. Delightful tingles running over my stomach, where his hand lay on the inside of my thigh. He pulled me closer, his hand pushing against my sensitive parts. I moaned loudly at the feel and I felt him stiffen behind me. Startled at what I did, I threw his arm off. I quickly sat up rubbing my eyes trying to adjust to the bright light that was filling the room. I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment at my reaction to him touching me.

 When I opened my eyes, I looked around the room. I could feel Layla pressing against my skin, literally feel my body vibrating as she stirred before waking completely.  The Alpha threw his arm over me again, pull

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Comments (9)
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Therese Paulsson
that was paingul but Lily will only destroy herself
goodnovel comment avatar
Christina Valencia
I somewhat agree but she too doesn’t listen to anyone and seems she hasn’t really tried. She doesn’t even respect herself.
goodnovel comment avatar
Idia Slim
Lily doing too much

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