Lily POV

We had been on the road for twenty minutes, I just stared out the window. Everything was changing, and I was losing all control of my life.

“This is a good thing, I told you everything makes sense” Layla excitedly said in my head.

“This is what you meant, finding out mate? How does that make any sense Layla, this isn’t a good thing? He is taking us away from our family. It’s a disaster”

She didn’t agree; I pushed her out, blocking her from my mind; I knew she was excited, but I didn’t share that excitement with her. I never wanted a mate; it would only end badly with the wolf I have. Why couldn’t Damien see that? Why couldn’t Layla see that?


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Tiffanie Smith
Yeah then there’s no story left to continue on. This is not a lifetime movie. Stuff like this has to happen to force them to work thru past traumas & become a better person. If she’s not forced, she will forever remain damaged
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Danielle Reno Wilson
what book?!!!...
goodnovel comment avatar
Just reject him!!! I can’t stand all these angry men demanding shit and not trying to fix the problem they abuse the woman and then the women just forgive them! What freaking universe is this!

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