I jerked forward in my seat, nearly slamming into the dash. Damien’s hand snaking out just before my head connected with it, shoving me backwards into my seat. The air being knocked out of me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, you got what you want. I’m in the car now, leave me alone” I was going to say more, yet the look on his face would have made the grim reaper fear him. I squirmed in my seat under his intense gaze. He unclicked my seatbelt. Panic set in as he ripped me from my seat and onto his lap awkwardly. I had nowhere to go, his arms wrapped so tightly around my waist, I could feel his fingers bruising my soft skin.

I placed my hands awkwardly on his chest, feeling his body shaking underneath mine. His breathing came fast. I could feel my shirt riding up, his grip loosening. One of his hands ran up t

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Comments (8)
goodnovel comment avatar
Honestly……. I don’t get it. Lily is so frustrating. I get not wanting to be made to do something. And being afraid. But idk if I can do the rest of this read with her being so defiant.
goodnovel comment avatar
Brandi Smith
I hope he turns out to be a better mate than Reid was at first! Can't stand a controlling, possessive, man high on themselves!
goodnovel comment avatar
Jazmine Harrison
I really dislike the abusivness I’ve her mate but I love the story

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