Chapter 119

I turned on my heel, a hand clasped over where my own bullet wound should have been. My mind was reeling, but my body understood what to do as I stumbled over to where Kade lay on the cement floor.

Alec was hunched over him tearing the clothes from one of the dead inner circle members, a middle-aged man with greying hair and a scar just above his lip. The thousand-dollar suit jacket was shining with Kade’s blood, even as Alec held it tightly against his chest. I could feel the blood pumping out with each ragged heartbeat.

A small clump of silver metal sat beside Alec’s knelt form, the bullet he had fished from Kade’s chest. Kade shifted into his human form after the bullet had been removed, his skin translucent and pale. There was a thin sheen of sweat that covered him, even though he was cold to the touch.

Alec’s eyes met mine, unending darkness that seemed surprisingly calm despite the earthquake of emotions shattering what strength he had.

I glance

Jane Doe

I hope you all enjoy this chapter of the Twins <3 This book will be coming to an end within the next two chapters! Above all, I'm grateful for each and every one of you. This novel is one of my dozens of ideas, and I cannot wait to continue surprising everyone! :D

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goodnovel comment avatar
I have fallen in love with this book! I actually think it would be an amazing movie!!! I think it would be bigger than Twilight! Lol so awesome! Thank you for the amazing story!!! I’ve loved every second of it!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Amy Greenslade
Will any of your novels be available for purchase? I want to read a few of them over and over forever. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Senja Hines
Anyone else confused as to how Marcus died??? Love the story but there needs to be a bit more detail describing the fight between Marcus and Aurora.

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