Chapter 17

I somehow managed to sleep well into Friday and I was grateful for the few extra hours.

Alec and Kade's words swam in my head like hungry sharks.

They said I belonged to them, and for whatever reason the feeling was mutual. No matter how hard I resisted, some part of me felt they were mine. That the twins belonged to me.

I kept to my room most of Friday, only dare venturing out when I knew Melissa was at work. Frank was the biggest risk. Shit would go downhill instantly if he was awake.

It must've been my lucky day. As I tiptoed downstairs, Frank was snoring away in his recliner. I managed to grab another box of leftovers from the restaurant and creep back up to my bedroom. I couldn't wait until I managed to get out of this hell-hole. Sneaking around my own house was miserable. Constantly tiptoeing around, hoping I didn't step on a land-mine.

My Friday was spent in complete solitude, and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Either Fran
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Hayst! Idiotic! She should texted Tory!
goodnovel comment avatar
Sandra Overton
if I don't get the next chapter soon will stop reading it
goodnovel comment avatar
Colleen Ploederl
if Autumn ser her up, she's gonna be sorry. And when would he have the chance to spike her drink? Or did they just spike everything?

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