Chapter 9

I take the basket back to the cleaning closet and walk fast to the kitchen, only to notice Lilith is no longer there. Walking over to the woman with red hair and freckles I ask her.

“The little girl that was with me. Where did she go?”

“The guards came and took her; her mother has been looking for her,” she tells me. I nod, feeling a little sad, but relieved knowing she is safer out there than in here with these monsters.

I exit the kitchen and head to the small room where I slept last night. Walking in, I see a small, dark object sitting atop the bed. It is the book I was looking at earlier in the library. Matitus’s deep voice behind me makes me jump.

“If you want to read that you should also read this,” he says, holding another book out toward me as he steps in the room. I take the book from him and look at it. It’s a book on Dragons and mates. I look up at him.

“Read them. I know Fae have their own stories of the past, but what if they aren’t correct? What if your ancestors lie
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Fee Love
Fae don't have mates, they have the freedom to choose whom they want to mate with. So Elona has 3 males who would like to mate with her. Only she has the power to choose whom she wants to be with.
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Fee Love
Fae don't have mates chosen they have the freedom of whom they want to mate with. Even if it is outside their ppl. They can mate with whomever they choose to. Hence these 3 guys want to mate with her & she has a choice to whom she wants to mate with.
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Just Charly
I've read a lot of historical type novels that are embedded in the actual history of that time period and this world that Jessica has created is a world that is very brutal. I love the element of the mate bond that is going help this world be better in the end. I think it's a job well done!

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