Chapter 10

I walk closer but don’t take his hand. Instead, I follow, crossing my arms over my chest. Matitus sighs before walking off. Together, we walk to a part of the castle I hadn’t seen before. A huge wooden table sits in the middle of the room, Matitus sat down while Dragus pulled a chair out telling me to sit. I hesitate before finally walking over and sitting down. Dragus took a seat beside me and turned his chair so he was half facing me.

A few minutes later, Abigail emerges and places three plates in front of us. I stared at the plate wishing I could be anywhere else. I would have preferred to sit in the room alone and eat instead of finding myself stuck between two intimidating men. Dragus touches my knee beneath the table. I just stare at the plate, feeling uncomfortable. Dragus runs his hand up my leg, making me jump before I move his hand off me only for him to place it back on my thigh.

Ignoring his hand, I look over at Matitus. “Eat” he orders, but I suddenly don’t feel like ea
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Comments (22)
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Krysta McAbee
I love it so far. But who in the world is this Salis person or dragon everyone is so afraid of. Guess time will tell......
goodnovel comment avatar
Khemkala Gurung
so far intresting to read
goodnovel comment avatar
Laura Favoro
interesting book

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