Chapter 12

When I am fairly sure the coast is clear, I pop my head up and look around the clearing. I can hear men shouting in the distance and I remain hidden amongst the long grass, too scared to move. Too scared to even breathe as I hear them get nearer to the clearing. Their voices grow louder, lucky for me though they ran that fast and the snow and grass masked my scent. Sitting upright, I scan my surroundings once again before running in the direction they came from, hoping they wouldn’t backtrack.

Once hidden by the high trees, I keep running straight, looking for any sign of the barbed wire fence that surrounds the entire city. With the trees up above, the dark got darker to the point, even with my heightened senses and eyesight I struggle to see. As I run, I can only just make out the trees before I run into them. I keep running. What I fail to notice is that there is a pond. When it’s far too late, my feet hit air suddenly before I drop into the icy cold water, breaking through the th
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goodnovel comment avatar
I didn’t particularly like this chapter. I thought Silas was unnecessarily violent towards someone he didn’t know. I get he is frustrated at his possible mate running away but he is really too ‘old’ to behaving in this way.
goodnovel comment avatar
QTeA Rameka
this is the most confusing scenario of all chapters. I this violent behavior is his love and blames it on his beast. that is one confusing mind set.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
Dang Silas is very cruel!

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