Chapter 13


I was off searching other territories and no-man’s-land when my mates contacted me, telling me they thought they found her. Matitus ran into her on the streets. I had my doubts, of course. We have searched for her for decades trying to find this Chosen one the Oracle promised would come. Surely, we weren’t that blind, and she was under our nose this entire time, living in our city. Yet they were both insistent that she was the one. They called for all women to be brought to the castle, and that’s where they captured her. Dragus too confirmed saying he felt a strange pull to her.

I headed home straight away. Flying back was easy for me, yet my mind kept going back to the great war and the destruction caused ever since. What I wasn’t expecting when I got home was everyone frantically looking for her. I landed in the back gardens. Matitus and Dragus ran out to greet me.

“What happened?” I ask as I see convoys loading up and heading out the gates. It was already dark, and the n
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goodnovel comment avatar
Glad to get a male POV.
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Karen Dea
think you mean "plump" - not plumb
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Ally Kat
no she's a reincarnation of another Aziza

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