Chapter 15

Dragus grabs my elbow and pulls me down the stairs and all the way to my room. He says nothing the entire time, but I can tell he is angry. Not like Silas angry, but still his anger was enough that I can sense it. When we get to the room, he pushes the door open and shoves me in.

“We told you not to provoke him, we didn’t say it for our benefit but yours. You will learn Elora he isn’t as forgiving as Matitus and I,” he says, before turning on his heel and walking out. Sitting on the bed, I look out the small arched window, the open fireplace cast shadows on the stone walls making this depressive cold room feel claustrophobic, as if the shadows would come off the walls and transform into more monsters to haunt me. I had never been scared of the dark but being here I knew I should fear it more than I had. Only now recognizing the true extent of what lurked in the shadows, that knowledge made the walls feel like they were closing in on this already small room. It is dark outside, and it
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Abiola Akanni
hmmm this is getting interesting
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Shaendeeh Dijkhoff
noooooooo.... and now ????
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Gabriela Vremea
I agree but like stilas I don't like him

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