Chapter 18

Elora POV

“Are you the only Witch?” I ask her, stunned.

“No, my daughter is already showing signs and my mother is a Witch too, we have remained hidden just like you.”

I nod my head in understanding.

“So how old are you, anyway?” she asks curiously.

“I turn twenty-one tomorrow,” I tell her.

She gasps. “So you might be the one they are looking for then, you could save us all,” she says excitedly. I don’t know how she still has hope for the Chosen One. I tossed hope out the window years ago.

“Do you know of the book? The one with the prophecy?” she asks.

I shake my head, not knowing what she is talking about. “What book?” I ask.

“The one that only the Fae with magic can read. The one that says how to break the curse. How have you not heard of it?” she asks incredulously. Her words make me think of my grandmother’s book, the one Silas took and hasn’t returned.

“We had one book; I don’t know if it is it. But Silas took it. When he opened it, the pages were blank. I couldn’t re
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Karen Dea
I don't get it. so the Dragon Kings tried to kill off the Fae for betraying them, but they know the "Chosen One" is a Royal Fae. In the midst of their killing spree, they didn't stop to think that they might've killed the One that could save them all dooming all species for extinction??
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Cameron Blanchard
thank you for not making each chapter cost an obscene amount to unlock, it is much more enjoyable to get at least 2 chapters at a time. :-)
goodnovel comment avatar
Tamariah Sharp
I'll be Blaire is Eloras mom

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