May I Go ?
May I Go ?
Author: Hansaehi

Prolog + 1

Even though this longing keeps coming to say hello, I still hope to be able to let go of this longing.

With you I know, that happy turns out to be as simple as this

Aahhh... This warm spring restores me to memories of three years ago. It's been that long but it still sticks in my mind. A sweet girl with a brown  hair and hazel eyes haunted my mind. I don't know what magic she did to me cause I can't stop thinking about her.

Not to least how long I sat in the Moidef cafe, next to the table on it there were three empty cups that were then filled with coffee in this morning. If she is here, surely she will scold me. I smile considering that. I didn't want to be dissolved in the thoughts, I immediately saw the watch in my hand that had shown a figure of three. Ah... three hours in the spring. Triple hour. I and her. In the spring. Unseen my memory back at the backlash of the past.

                          15th of December, 2017

' Let's increase the speed...!' She shouted. I didn't answer but I accelerated my bike straight away. She who was standing behind me put his feet on the pedes of my bike, smiling happily as she stretched out his arms. Seeing her smile so sincerely made me smile too, the more I accelerated my work to make her happier. Sure thing, she laughed and hugged my neck and told me naughty because i accelerated again the pace of my bike and made her almost fall. I laughed with her and we enjoyed the afternoon with a smile. And from her I know it's as simple as this of happiness, just to see her smile. We've always enjoyed this routine. Yups circling the garden next to my apartment is a common thing we do in the afternoon, it can probably be called mandatory because almost every day we do it.

I smiled at the thought of her sincerity. By then we've been officially dating for three months. I was really happy when she said that I was her first boyfriend. She was kind, cheerful, cute, sometimes crazy, and possessive. Please underline the last one. Possessive. From the very beginning we made she say that before. So she warned me not to get too close to all the species named females. I think it's perfectly legal considering I wouldn't like it when she's with another man, so I told her not to worry and warn her exactly as she said it but the difference is she has to stay away from men instead of women. There's been one very adorable incident. I couldn't help but laugh when I remembered her behavior.

When we finished doing a very complicated math exam that was able to drain the contents of my head, she came up to me with a sullen expression and immediately thrust her  hand asking for my smartphone. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn't respond and still thrust her hand, but this time when I saw her eyes it turned out that those beautiful eyes were dewy. Looking at it I immediately thrust my smartphone at her, where I might let my loved ones cry. She picked up my smartphone quickly and started fiddling with it - while doing her thing she asked me why I didn't give her my smartphone straight away. I smiled when she finished asking, pulled her to sit next to me, and I stroked her  hair affectionately and replied because she doesn't usually check my smartphone so when she asked for it I was a little surprised.

When it was over with her business with my smartphone she returned it to me with a face that kept pouting and to me her  expression was so  adorable, her chubby cheeks inviting my hands to pinch both. She got and pinched my six pack abs. Instead of feeling pain I was laughing because of the pinch. Unable to resist being amused I succumbed to let go of her adorable cheeks to pinch and bite. When my hand came off, she immediately moved away, but I immediately held her down by hugging her stomach. She looks angry, sad, upset, and disappointed, I don't know what happened to this sweet girl of mine. When she tried to break away, I tightened my arms not letting her loose without telling me what really happened. She finally sat next to me with her flat expression without looking at me. I pinched her chin and pointed it at me.

'Why heumm?' Ask me. 

She ducked down and said in a loud voice 'are you cheating on me?'.

 i didn't understand ' I'm not cheating. Who told you I was cheating on you?' I asked an angry question. 

She shook her head and replied 'It doesn't matter who told me that, after all you've been caught cheating, don't dare to do it again' she said. 

I don't understand what she's saying, but I'm patiently trying to understand what she means, 'honey? I don't get it.'

She looked at me with a squint eye  'your cheating name myfirstlove was in your wa right? You chat her use the call dear all over again. Tacky you know, you should thank to me because I've blocked your cheating and not break up with you!!' She said it was full of emotion. 

I was stunned to hear what she say 'Honey are you blocking my first love?'.

 'Yes.why?, you still like her?' She said with eyes almost flooded. 

I immediately told her the truth, 'baby... my first love is my mom.. You blocked her?' Ask me not to believe it.

'Are you lying??' She doesn't believe in

'No i'm swear', 

'huh? So that's aunt cindy's number, your mom?', she was shocked.

'Yes, she'll call you in a minute.'

And it's true that before long my speech ended her phone had been ringing and there was the sound of a man singing melodiously. Ehem, what's going on? That's my voice. I smiled and she looked scared. Oh.. she must be afraid of my mama's nagging. That's why I gentlemanly took her phone in her hand which she's only been staring at for a while. 

'Hello.. ma..'.

 I immediately kept my ears away when I heard mom's voice that was equivalent to 1 million volts. Once I felt safe I got my phone back to my ear which I think is still buzzing until now 'Sorry ma.. , I didn't do it on purpose. Huh what?? I can't hear your voice mom, you know, what ma?, yaa yaa.. Bye my dearest Mom. Love you... ummah!!!' And tuts. connection is turned off.

I smiled humorously in front of my girl who looked at me in fear. Aawww the sweetness of her, did she not see my face that semriwing like no problem in my life. I couldn't help to let her get scared so I hugged her, she hide her  face on my chest, and not long I felt my school shirt start wetting and the noise would then start to become a roar of 'huaaaaa... I'm sorry babe.. I'm not believe you... huaaa how about aunt cindy? You're in trouble with auntie because of me ??'.

'Cup cup honeyy.. everything gonna be okay, My mom didn't scold me, she just gave me some advice. 

I  cover her face with both palms of my hand and wipe the tears on her cheeks.

'Ssst dear, we're being made a spectacle of people in class. My beautiful girlfriend can't cry because it can make my heart so hurting. Let me take you to the bathroom, clean your face and snot' said me then went to stand up and lead her to get out. Passing through the other students who were crowding to watch or make video about us.

Huffttt, I sighed quietly, it's common for me when they all start acting silly like that, i let them because my girl accepts their action with pleasure, she thinks they can add more people to her social media + get more followers and make the world know that I'm hers. Ah, and I think I totally agree with her last thought.

Tring tring tring ...!

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