2 First Date

2. You are a memory that I will always remember for the rest of my life.

Everything about you, will always be remembered. Even my heart, it will still be yours.

~ May i go? - Hansaehi

Starting from a piece of sushi, becoming a glue for two people who are romantically drunk ~a lover

Ahh ... it turns out that remembering those memories requires a lot of energy

Tiring tiring tring ..!

The sound of the bells at the entrance interrupted my daydreams about her, just annoying, maybe I should go back to my apartment to make it more comfortable to remember her again. I was pensive again, it was too difficult to erase it from my memory, especially from one of my orgasms known by the name of the heart. Too many memories of her. About her smile, laugh, even cry. Even the memories themselves have been engraved in my heart and will forever remain in my heart. Kruyuukkk sounds my stomach. Ahh ... it turns out that remembering those memories requires a lot of energy. To replenish my strength I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara and for this drink it was Green tea frappe. While waiting for my order to arrive I swept my gaze around. Apparently this cafe is quite a lot of interest. The visitors include young people who are like having just been shot by an arrow of romance, families enjoying their holidays, girls or women who gather to gossip, and maybe singles like me who are heartbroken.

Even though this cafe is quite old in this area, because her and I used to spend time here in the past and the most hidden thing from me is also here. But its attractive design, combined with various murals with the theme of coffee with classic brown nuances on the walls and its strategic location, may be one of the reasons this cafe has so many visitors. I just realized now, maybe because I daydreamed about it too much, I thought. My thoughts make me smile to myself. Ahh ... just remembering her  makes me smile. My reverie broke when the waitress presented my order. Hmm .. I can't wait to eat the dish in front of me. As long as I chew my food I feel the taste and start babbling to myself in my mind, spaghetti carbonara is one of the foods that I often order at this cafe, I like cream sauces which make the taste of pasta even more meaty and very easy to bite. I ran out of food, and I just realized one thing, three years ago I never once liked a drink as clear as tea, because I thought it tasted boring.

But in the past three years I seem to have involuntarily ordered some kind of tea. And the drink in front of me proves it all, Green tea frappe. Like her, Ahh I thought again about annoying girls but longing + cuddling + cute + cute and +++++. My mind wanders back to my past memories when we first dated.

02 October 2017

On our first date that day. Everything was awkward from me who picked her  up at her house and said goodbye to her parents. She who was confused put her hand where when the pillion by me, this time I got on the motorbike. I told her to just hug me, but instead she put her hands on my shoulders. I smiled a little at that time and widened my smile even more when I saw her face blushed from the rearview mirror. We stopped in front of a sushi restaurant because from the information I got from asking questions here and there with her friends and her mother, they said that she likes ichi sushi. I entered the restaurant door holding her cold and sweaty hand, in contrast to my usual hand holding her-haemm .. usual ex-playboy- but different with my heart beating faster than usual.

I led her to the table that I ordered. Her first date has to be a special one, right? So I've prepared this all from a week ago. As we sat across from each other at the table, an awkward atmosphere began to beat. If this was my time on a date with my ex-girlfriend who shot me first maybe I would have done something about it, but this is different man, she's special, because I chose her. Let's skip the musical performances and appetizers part. When the main meal came, she was surprised to see the contents, maybe she did not expect when she saw this restaurant model that smelled of Europe, not Japan. She ate the food this time voraciously unlike the appetizer she ate reluctantly.

I asked her if she liked her food, and she answered at length and times by area, so many things she talked about, but I like it. I love how her eyes sparkle when she recounts her first experience of liking Japanese food, how her delicate hands get rid of the naughty hair that disturbs her face. I was fascinated by his words like the air I ignored but I still breathed, meaning I still heard her even though a little bit busy was fascinated by her who was good at talking, maybe he wanted to be a presenter I thought, and to appreciate it I gave my sweetest smile as long as she told the story.

From there the atmosphere started to melt, we began to tell each other, the experiences we went through, and the ridiculous things we had done. There we started to find chemistry. Starting from a piece of sushi, becoming a glue for two people who are romantically drunk. As a dessert the restaurant serves a pot of authentic Japanese tea, sencha tea, tea picked from fresh leaves which is then steamed to stop fermentation. And she told me again  about her experience when she first drank sencha tea, who invited her, with whom, when, and where, she told me everything that she sometimes interrupted by drinking her tea. Just like earlier I let her go back to telling as much as she wanted, shared her story with me and I only replied with my beautiful smile. Her mother has reminded me that if she has started telling stories about things she likes she will not stop telling stories until she really has stopped and never interrupt her or she will be badmood all day, I can respond when she asks me, her mother has warned me , thank you Auntie. I said to myself and it was already conveyed when I asked her mother what her favorite food was.

She closed the story with how she described the image of the tea taste. And I, as a loyal listener, keep listening. The last time she asked my opinion about the taste of the tea, I answered 'the tea is comfortable and reassuring, like the person in front of me'. Her cheeks flushed red, she quickly lowered her head so I wouldn't see her. Too late .. I already know. I laughed looking at her funny, she was angry and ran out of the restaurant. I chased her and was caught when I reached the exit. Explaining that she was too pretty with those blushing cheeks and I thought it was cute because it was too cute. She understood and started smiling shyly, our romantic scene had to be broken up because a couple who excused themselves wanted to get out and we were blocking their way. We stepped out, hand in hand and with big smiles.

Unlike earlier we entered the restaurant, clumsy and awkward. Right now .. her hand was warm, making my heart beat faster two times more than before, especially when I turned around and saw her beautiful smile. In my heart I said this is a memory that I will always remember for the rest of my life.

Returning home, when we drove she no longer put her hand on my shoulder, but in front of my stomach, meaning, she was hugging me, we smiled happily all the way home. Without words, let the heart feel. And I think I have to remember this one thing. Not to take her out to dinner, because maybe we'll be home the next morning because I will drown with stories from her sweet lips. I said it to myself.

"Sorry sir .."

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