3. PMS + dark

With you filling my heart, that's enough.  

Thank you, for filling my heart. Even if you're beside me for a while, you'll always be there. And that's enough for me. Once again thank you love.

 ~May I Go -Hansaehi

 'Sorry sir..... we're going to close our café in 10 minutes.' The café waitress reprimanded me and broke my daydream balloon 

'Oh, sure. This ... ' I said,  give money as stated in the bill And some money sheets as a tip.

'Thank you, sir. Happy holiday.' he said with a smile, I smiled back at him for a while and started to leave.

My apartment is only 500 meters away from this place, so I chose to walk back. When my feet stepped I went back to thinking.  

She had filled my heart even to her deepest point, until myself could not reach her again to get her out. But I also don't want to let it go or throw it away from the deepest point of my self. I kept it nice, secretly made her queen in my heart.

Making a reminder for her by always recalling the memory we have made together, turning it all into a memorable memory. Crazy, my inner ejection. Up to it, you also enjoys it, reply me. My inner is unwilling to fight. Oh and I started thinking I was really crazy because I was talking to my own inner.   

I live alone in the apartment. I prefer to isolate myself from my family who has a spacious house which is only 10 km from my apartment. It's easier to remember her in here because in here I freely twist my memory to remember our story.

 Speaking of my family I have the most perfect family in the world,, that's in my opinion. I have two brothers who are naughty, brutal, but it always makes me miss their behavior, sometimes I visit the house occasionally but that's very rare because I think it's useless. When I'm at home my mind is more focused on her, not just at home. But it seems like she's dominated my brains wherever and whenever I feel guilty about them, because it makes them worry about me, so I prefer the apartment as my escape.

My father was an assertive, but compassionate and patient father figure, even more patient than my less-than-grumpy mother. With my father, my mother's anger would be crushed by my father's affectionate words. From there I learned how to deal with her anger, especially when she in her period. I don't know how many times this has been, my mind goes back to our past.

It was on a clear morning in spring and accompanied by birdsong. And in the seconds the bell will ring, she enters the classroom with a frowning face. she turned and our eyes intertwined. Quickly she stepped closer to me who was sitting on the bench while playing enough games in famous at that time. The closer she got to me, the more frowning her face became. 

'Why did you arrive at school faster than me?' She said while pouting.

 'Yes I left in the morning.' I said briefly without looking her in the face because I was back focused with the game I played.

she stomped her feet while poking. The sound of her legs is very loud like the sound of an elephant that will shake the earth. But I ignored her because I was too focused on my game that was about to win.

'Why don't you pick me up?' 'YEAAYY!!! I'M A WINNERR!!!' shouted me happy with a big smile and a happy twinkle in the face along with her speech to the point that I hadn't heard what she had said before.  

I just realized my happy euphoria when I got a nudge from my compatriot. I asked 'why?' And he just pointed with his chin in front of me.

I looked forward and was surprised to find my beloved girlfriend's face turning murky in the water of a laundry - I showed her my grip. But instead she squealed and walked quickly towards her bench.   I came off my bench and approached her. She was resting her head on the table and her shoulders were shaking. 'Is she crying?' - I thought.

I stroked her head affectionately and said 'why baby?'

But the reaction was unexpected. Her tears grew louder, but the good news for me was that she hadn't hidden her face. But... Bad news is coming for her, actually I don't care about this, but I'm pretty sure it's very important to her. Her make up is not too nice, with a faded make up I don't think was what she wanted, was evident when she looked up at her face at the time and I could hear the shock of my friends who saw her, so she quickly bowed her head again with increasingly louder cries.

 And because I'm sure she wouldn't like it if the video this time would be spread on the school's social media account so I immediately called for the entire class to come out. 'OKAY GUYSS! I WANT TO ASK FOR PRIVACY TIME FOR ME AND MY LOVE, GOODBYE, OUUUTTT!!!' I said shouting and managed to get all the students out of class all, leaving me with her. 'The charm of the class leader can't lie!' my inner exclaimed triumphantly.

And after no camera recorded us. I sat next to her who was still crying and rested her head on my sandarable chest and started a conversation. 'Why you cry my baby? Who's going to make your tears down? Let me know, cause I'm going to kick their ass!'  

She squealed a little and shook her head and said 'don't ...'

 'Why not?' Ask me wonder.  She looked at me and pranked me cute with her eyes. It's still cute to me even with a messy face and mascara. But the words that came out of her sweet lips afterwards angered me 

'But I love him' she said.  I was ready to shed my anger, but she first silenced me with a kiss on the cheek.

My anger evaporated. I was stunned, it was our first kiss. My consciousness came when she snuck my forehead so hard that I cringed. 'Aduuuhh' 

'Ish! You know, the person I love left me this morning, didn't pick me up. Even though I've waited a long time in front of the fence of the house until my feet tingle and I almost came too late to school. If my brother hadn't sent me to school, I would have been late for school.' The story at length. Now I understand who she's referring to.

'But you said I didn't have to pick you up this morning.' I said.

 'Yes it was because last night I was mad at you!!! You don't want to accompany me to the salon!'  

'Yes but I-' actually I wanted to accompany her to the salon, but at that time I was practicing basketball with my team. Because soon we're going to face a tournament. But before I explained everything, she cut me off.

 'Iiiish!! Anyway it's all your fault!!' she cut me off and said that while puffing both her cheeks.

'But-' I stopped saying my own words this time because I saw her eyes were glazed. I think I know what happened to her. She must have been in his pre-menstruation period. Because usually she's a girl who's patient to listen to my explanations. And it's times like this that I have to be a super-patient man. 

 'Hufftt' I exhaled for a moment, then continued my saying 'Yes, I'm wrong' 

'What's wrong with your expression? You're not willing to say it?' She said With suspicious squinting eyes.

'I say it with all my heart, baby.' I said with a big smile until my eyes squinted.  She laughs at the fun but suddenly her laughter stops.

 'STEP ASIDEEE!!!!!'   

I don't understand why she was screaming, which I knew afterwards my eyes were closed because of the sparkle of thousands of flash lights. Not knowing what happened, I last saw a lot of people swarming around me, and slowly things went dark.

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