4.b Don't

'Don't you and your band want to be in the competition next week?'  

'Yes, how do you know that?' I asked him, because I did hide this to her. 

'I can't tell? So why don't you tell me? Do you be ashamed to have a girlfriend like me? Or.. Oh, I know, do you want to flirting  with other girls, huh? Do you-' I covered her mouth that super duper chatty with my hand. 

'Mmpph mmpphh'

'Ssttt... I'm off but listen to me talk first yaa ...'   she nodded her head. After that I just let go of my hand. But seeing her back wanting to talk I went back to silence her mouth. Sensing her pouting lips I finally let go of my hand. She didn't speak but her head bowed to avoid my gaze. I took her chin facing her towards me. 

'So I'm going to keep this secret because I want to surprise you.' 

'What surprise?' She asked me with twinkling eyes, there was no such moody trail.


'Ih why are you had a secret from me? What the secret? Pliss tell me' she said with her puppy eyes 

'No. I can't. It won't be a surprise anymore.'  

'Ish I'll pretend to be surprised dech.. But you can tell me what the surprise is? Yes? yaa??' 

'No, I'm not. You can't know!' I said while holding both hands.

'Oh so ....'

After her speech, she immediately tickled me.  Her unexpected attack overwhelmed me with the onslaught of her curled fingers.  

'Haha.. haaa.. Stop.. stoopp.. i.. i give uppp ...' 

'First, Let's tell me, what's the surprise?' 

'Sss... haahaa.. a song for you!' After I said that fatal sentence, she immediately stopped her finger movements. 

'OH REALLY!!!, THANKYOU BABY! i'll be waiting for that." She hugged me with a flowery expression.

But her expression turned worried when she saw me clutching my stomach. when in fact my stomach doesn't hurt.

"I'm sorry, is that your stomach hurts?. I'll make you some milk ..." she immediately steps away towards the kitchen. 

'Let's have a drink.' she came back quickly from the kitchen, and sat next to me, thrusting a glass of warm milk at me. I accept it.

'Very quickly she came back for sure he'd been preparing this for a long time.' -I thought.

I drank the milk she gave me. She who was next to me put her hand in my shirt and stopped on my stomach, then  stroked my stomach. Her actions almost succeeded in making me spout my drink, but luckily it didn't come because I rushed to stop drinking and quickly swallowed my drink.

'Please stopped.' I said to her while holding her hand. 

'What's wrong? Your mom said that your stomach hurts because too much laugh i must stroked your stomach, to heal you' with a plain look she said that way. Well now I know where she knows all this, and these leads only lead to one suspect. Mom.

'Already, there's no need to be in stroked  anymore Baby. The other part will also get sick, and also want to be stroked.'

And with a face without her sin she asked, 'Why could it be like that? Why the other part being sick?'

'Well, it can be  happened, just like that.' I'm confused to explain it to my innocent girlfriend.

'Why would that be? Your Mom didn't tell me  that before.'

'That's it. Yeah, That's it.' I replied to the question earlier. 

She squinted her eyes and I started to wonder what she was going to do.

'Oh yes I've wanted to call your mo-' she said while starting to reach for her  bag to find the whereabouts of her cell phone.

'Eh DON'T!' I hurriedly screamed to stop what she was doing. I don't know what else my mom's going to tell my innocent girl.

'Ih why you're screaming, it's doesn't good', she reprimanded me.

'Duh sorry, baby. Don't call my mom. Here I can explain it to you, so if you keep stroking my sixpack belly. I'll get diarrhea.' Obviously I'm with a little seasoning

'How can you-'

'Duh I'm hungry. It's so good that I'm hungry. You have to take responsibility!! Feed me some fruit, baby,' I said spoiled.

'You spoiled!! Come on aaa ...' And we feed each other until what's on the plate already empty not left.

I put my head on her lap.  'So why?'

'Why what?'

And it looks like I'm starting to get infected with her talkative nature 'Why is my food restricted? am I getting wider, huh? Feeling not deh, my stomach wrote already sixpack like this, still don't look cool? Or you want me to have ei-'

'Shuutt' she said while putting one finger on my lips stopped my unfinished speech.

'Honey... You want to join the race, so you also have to take care of your health, especially the health of your voice. And as a good girlfriend, I'm trying to help look after you.'  

'Duuhh good girlfriend of mine... Here I hug.' I put aside my sleeping position and started hugging her waist.

She just gently stroked my hair. Then whispered. 'I love you ...' 

I let go of my arms, and came back to face her. our eyes stare at each other.  I replied saying. 'I love you more.'

I looked into the eyes that I would no longer be able to stare at.

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