5. Tok tok tok

I chose to leave the hospital the next morning. I didn't expect that God would still give me a child who was so rebellious to her mother, a chance to live. Yesterday when I daydreamed of her, I was swept away by memories we did not realize there was a car that rolled towards the road and almost hit me, lucky the owner of the car immediately turned the steering wheel and just nudged me, but I fell and my head was hit by the asphalt road made me lose consciousness and immediately rushed to the hospital.

The administration of the hospital is also borne by the owner of the car.   Yesterday while I was busy with my mind, my phone rang and brought news that could calm my thundering heart. My mama texted me that she was fine and just in shock because of the accident I had, and she told me to stay and eat a lot.

There aren't many words I wrote to reply to it I was only able to write  'I'm sorry and thank you so much mom, I love mommy  so much'. I'm so ashamed of mom for always bothering her and making her worry. Even though I choose to stay away from my own family, mom always gives me affection by always sending me messages and food.  I decided not to go straight back to the apartment and chose to walk around the park. A breath of fresh air here is very comfortable, accompanied by fallen leaves. 

Tin tin. 

My phone rang and made me take it out of my jacket pocket. But it wasn't the texts that came in that I noticed but the wallpaper of my phone that made me pensive. I chose to sit on a garden chair staring at her beautiful eyes that seemed to pull my soul back in time. 

February 9, 2018

"I said don't blink" she said when I could no longer hold my eyes open. 

"But how long are we going to look at each other like this?" I'm protesting.

"Wait a minute to finish." She said and looked at me with her squinting eyes.  

"Well! It's over!, here's a look at the glass." she gave me a glass. 

I looked at my face, kept handsome, it was just that at the edge of my eye and my eyelids there was a black line of my boyfriend's work, which was sweet, still staring at me with her sparkling eyes. Hmm I see myself getting deeper on the glass. 

"Aaah! I look like a ghost." My screams couldn't stand the sight of my face in the mirror.  I covered my face with both my hands and hid, turned my back. He grabbed my wrists, and made me point at her. 

"Tok tok tok princess want to see a handsome prince can not?" she asked me, knocking on the palm of my hand that still covered my face.  Behind the palm of my hand I smiled. And still won't answer the question. 

"Tok tok tok, if the door does not want to be opened, princess want to go home aja nih!" Threaten her.

I'm still reeling.  Realized there was no response anymore. I peeked in from between my fingers.  

"Hayoo! Want to take a peek!", she said mocking me.  I chuckled and still wouldn't open my hand. 

"I'm just going home." Realizing her annoyed tone and movement from the couch I hurriedly prevented her from leaving.

 "Don't, I'm sorry, baby." I said hold her by my side.  she immediately sat back in front of me with a cheerful face while staring at the focus of my eyes. 

"Well your good looks are getting a million degrees if use eyeliner and eyeshadow!" It was fun sticking her hands on both my cheeks. 

"I'm the one who doesn't use eyeliner too handsome!" My martial arts are full of confidence. 

"Ouch." she immediately pinched my stomach because of my high level of confidence.

 "Arrogant. Because you are  got a good-looking face so arrogant." Taunt her while stretching her lips.

 "These handsome guys will only be yours." I said sincerely while winking at my eyes.

"Gombal! But really, if you wear black eyeliner and eyeshadow so look like a magician, let alone look like my favorite magician, Kang Bujair." she said it with gusto.  

Yes, she wore my eyesliner+eyeshadow because she idolized a famous magician on that one. Hah!. I'm obviously thousands of times better looking than that magician. My inner self while nourishing my black hair. 

"What a handsome man, here I see the eyeliner." she pointed my face back at her and looked me in the eye, more precisely my blindness.  I'm also looking into her eyes.

"I'm like a ghost if you make up like this." My protests still don't take it. 

she looked me in the eye, then the next action she gave me couldn't predict. she suddenly brought her face closer to me, I reflexively closed both my eyes.

Then I felt a damp object touch my eyes alternately. I then opened my eyes. Realizing that she had kissed both my eyes with her tiny pink lips.  And she calmly still smiles in front of me. She doesn't know just my heart pounding because of what he did. And she still faithfully looked me in the eye.  Then there was one thing in my mind. I looked into her eyes, and I was staring blindly at me. 

"Don't tell me you put my eyes on just because you want to look me in the eye?" Guess me. 

Blush blush. And then she ducked shyly. Trying to get her brunette tresses to cover her blushing cheeks.  I pinched her chin and then lifted her face to look back at my face.

"ishh" she dodged while holding my hand that pinched her chin with both palms. Trying to let go but shyly. 

"Right?" Ask me again to be sure.  And he nodded with a shy expression. Makes me really want to bite her!.  I changed my position, got her seated on the couch, and I stood half-bent towards her, holding both hands on the side of her head.

Slowly my face got closer to her flushed face.   "Honey, you don't have to think of a way to look me in the eye. I can give you everything you want." Obviously I looked into her eyes in the shade.

she responded by nodding her head.  My eyes were fixed on her beautiful hazel eyes, slowly I brought my face closer. My lips were very close to her lips, as my lips were sticking and there was no protest from her, I started moving my lips to devour the pink flesh in front of me.  she and I were closed, enjoying a locked-up time. And as if you don't have time to kiss her again, that slow kiss turns into a stir.  To the point that he had to rebel, and I finally let go of our kiss. she looked into my foggy eyes, I also looked at her gasping with a wild stare, "You... “



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