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“Aahhh …”

I moaned in pain. My head is pulsing. A basketball hit my head.    

A grown man and a small child approached me, the little boy of a male and about seven-year-old took a basketball that rolled next to a park chair, took him in his arms in front of his stomach, then returned to the man's side. The man then smiled badly while looking at me.    

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm teaching my son to play basketball. Come on, 'Son apologize,"' he said asking his son to apologize to me. At first the boy looked innocently at his father, then with his sinless face he looked at my face. "I'm sorry, Om," he said.    

Hah never mind it's also my fault, my inner self-mocking that comes back to be remembered about the brunette girl who continues to haunt my mind, even just by looking at the picture of her that is on the screen of my phone.   

I stood up and approached them, and patted the little boy's head and said, "It's okay it doesn't hurt, the little boy plays more carefully. I'll excuse you first," I said goodbye to his parents and then left the park.   

 I then went back to my apartment, choosing to rest my throbbing head because of the hit of a basketball. Arriving at my apartment door I chuckled because I was still using the password he made.     I went inside and sat on the couch. Choosing to lay my body on a sofa wide enough for me to sleep on, my eyes slowly closed. Everything went dark then disappeared.    

Tininit tininininit.    

I was woken by the sound of alarms on my phone, opening both my eyelids I was stunned to stare at the ceiling in the living room of my apartment. My mind is empty, and I have to be grateful, my head is no longer as tight as it was. Choosing to close my eyes again, I want to re-dissolve in my beautiful dreams with you.

Tininit tininininit tininininitninitninit

But it seems the universe doesn't want to. I woke up staring angrily at the alarm on my smart phone that kept ringing. An alarm that reminds me of lunch. And it's also his actions that won't make me miss my meal.      Because it's lazy to go outside I choose to order food only. Opening the red app on my smart phone I chose M and Dling Restaurant to buy my lunch.  Then I chose to order Spaghetti bolognese, baked lasagna, japanese curry with chicken katsu, choco lava Mille crepes, green tea latte. After making the payment process via m-banking I again lay down my body.   

 I looked back at the screen and I checked the savings I had, saw the zeroes listed were still quite a lot, I was grateful to myself. Don't be surprised if I have money, even though I look like someone who doesn't have a job, I'm actually a guy who has a decent salary.

Having a contract with Stratosfeir is very profitable for me. Stratosfeir companies work in the field of human needs, they produce, bath soap, toothbrushes, laundry soap, toothpaste, powder, cosmetics, beauty care, although they produce small items, but the profits they get are huge. Moreover, the name of the company that has been famous and in demand by many people because of its guaranteed quality.    

 I feel very lucky because I have a contract with them, in addition to the huge salary offered, I can also guarantee the sustainability of this company. Because they sell goods that are always in need by humans, let alone the name that has been stamped well by the public is able to make the community become loyal customers of stratosfeir company products. About me working with them, they initially emailed me a job application to become their product graphic designer.

Apparently they are interested in the design that I post several times on my i*******m account that already has more than ten million followers. Moreover, I also won a number of online competitions that I participated in while I was in college, and it was all thanks to his advice, and she always encouraged me. Ah back in those days made me feel good about it.

April 2018

 "What's going on?" He asked me with a face squinted at me lying on the couch and had fun observing my phone screen.    

I turned towards her. "It's nothing." I smiled at her and hid my phone in the gap between my left side body and the sofa.    

she held up her body that had previously bent down to peek into the contents of my phone. He started to put her hands up and looked at me suspiciously.    

"Don't tell me you ..."    

"I don't see any more pictures of other women, baby." I hurriedly cut her off, afraid she thought I was having an affair.


She displays a very cute surprised expression, her long-sleeved pink sweater and pink skirt are softer than her sweater and have a fitting length above her knees supporting her cute expression. Her eyes were rounded and her mouth was open but she covered them with both fists of her palms which she held in front of her lips.     

But that expression was only five seconds away from me, because the next thing he came back was suspicious of me.    

"You see another girl's picture, don't you? I thought you saw my picture of me on your phone screen!" The protests.    

"Ah a-what?" I didn't expect her to think that, surely my narcissistic nature has influenced my sweet girl's mindset.    

Seeing me in a rush, she attacked me straight away, to get my phone. I'm the one who's embarrassed to tell her about what I saw from trying to hide it from her. I'm holding my phone to stay on my left side.

she's holding my hand trying to grab it, but with my greater power than her of course he won't manage to grab my phone. He stopped trying to grab my phone. her breath sounded hunting because she was upset that her efforts were unsuccessful.     

I looked at her badly. "Honey, I-"

My words were cut short because of her very brave actions, he occupied my stomach and suddenly kissed me brutally, even though what she did was very amateurish by sipping and biting my lips irregularly, but that was enough to awaken my male instincts. I followed her rushed rhythm, making me gobble up her tiny pink lips. He squeezed the echoes of my hair, set me on fire, I held her waist and reversed the position of our bodies. 

Makes me feel deeper and deeper into her lips.

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