7. Who are you?

But all of a sudden she pushed me to the ground.  

"aw." My ass landed perfectly, luckily the fur carpet around the couch was so thick that it made my ass not too sore.  

"Aha! Let's see this!" she exclaimed after getting my phone.   

"Ah! Sh**!" I swear by the temptation.  

"You're swearing at me baby?" she asked in a seductive tone.    I immediately rose from the falling position of my seat. Then immediately sit behind her and hug her from behind. Kissed her neck that eweed a sweet scent.  

"You're naughty!" I said, pretending to scold her. And still holding her body from behind, while my nose was still perched on her fragrant white neck.  

"How abut now? Which is more naughty? Me or you?" she mocked me apparently.   I tickled her stomach, made her roll.  

"Ah, that's enough," she said with a blushing face. If I hadn't waited I would

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