9. Auntie Em


The voice of a woman I used to hear quite often because the woman I like always brought me here every two months, made me stop my move.  

"Mas Williem why here? Don't want to go inside first?" Auntie Em stepped on her feet towards me. In her hand he was holding a garbage can, ah surely Auntie had just returned from the back of the house after throwing away some garbage bags.  

"Where are the kids? Why is Auntie Em throwing garbage alone?" I asked wondered, because usually the kids must always go wherever Auntie Em goes. 

 "The kids were sleeping, they were just working today, and after having a big dinner party, they were exhausted and ended up asleep." Auntie Em explained.  

"Wow it must be so exciting." I'm sure the kids must have had a great time earlier.

I'm trying to take over the trash can in Auntie Em's hands. "No, your hands will be dirty, mas Williem better come in first, Auntie

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